SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT Mr. President decision… releasing the old, welcoming the new.


















Written by: Thaim Krugba.

Releasing the old from your political cycle can be the hardest thing to do. Maybe it came to the point that it was necessary to do so, but it can leave this action in a deep suffocating feeling that makes you want to undo the releasing. But God knows that the pain is only temporary and it is important to mourn the ending of your relationship with the old. Don’t just gloss over it. Grieve and give it a proper befitting burial. You are moving on from a part of your life that had played a major role in your political life. So it is important that you grieve the passing of the old politicians and then you can begin to celebrate the entrance of the new designated appointees. To really welcome the new appointees with their new lives, it is also important that His Excellency Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma releases all the old political tycoons with all things they had achieved in their lives that no longer serves a purpose and the others who has outlived their political usefulness. Our President have learned all the lessons that you and I needed to learn and now with this tough decision taken, he had make way for the new-ness of life to enter in his political machinery. In other words, after he has released the old politicians, knowing that he may not be in a mood to celebrate or feel that there isn’t anything to celebrate about, the peoples President will leave everything at his threshold. Those political feelings will intensify and magnify a hundred times when one is involved in a particularly unhappy reshuffling situation like this current political brouhaha. But as this able President move through that putrefying situation and he will begin to welcome the new political appointees to better Mama Salone. We will also realize that our lives are to be always celebrated even during the seemingly bad times.

Retrospectively, the President and his able advisers had released those politicians who had outlived their usefulness from our political Governance (APC) and who had caused a lot of pain and havoc on our trying times due to their unsupportive behavior during the Ebola scourge. When this nation was plague by the Ebola Virus, the nation including myself was going through a difficult time for a while and the people were not receiving the proper support from these individuals who represent us in our constituencies. As a result of this colossal step, the political situation escalated the minds of the people to the point where all lost confident on the current status quo in the country. I found myself putting aside my pain and frustration to focus on those few individual’s selfish and unsupportive behavior. I did not have the strength before but to walk away from this individual as I was in a lot of emotional, psychological and physical distress. It took a lot of strength out of me to motivate myself day by day, a lot of writing in my Journal to release my headache, pain and frustration out of my body so that I could get to the point where I had the strength I needed to walk away from those few individuals. I also realized that, it maybe the purpose that we had both served in each other’s life that had served and it is now time to go our separate ways. I know that my life is now opening up to new things, new people, new appointees and a clean and unblemished situation.  Mr. President, if I may ask this question; so how you and I can know when you need to release an old political friend? While each person’s timetable maybe different, the overall feeling is the same. You will begin to feel uncomfortable for no apparent reason. Things that used to appeal to you, now makes you feel miserable and unhappy. The people that you used to love hanging around no longer give you any pleasure or it may be a single individual. Everything and everyone begins to annoy you. Maybe you are in an intimate relationship. In other words, everything about a partner annoys you. No matter how you may try to work things out you still feel unhappy within yourself. Now all those feelings can make you feel fearful of leaving the very situations or people that makes you unhappy. You know you want something more, but you are afraid of leaving the “comfortable” environment that you have become attached to and used to. Fear of the unknown can make you feel even worse than the situation that you want to get out of. It’s always been so bad that you may stick with the ‘familiar and uncomfortable” situation that you have become accustomed to. If we don’t find things in the new appointees within their political landscapes, they need to celebrate and take it easy to avoid a fall back into the old things that had previously made us unpleasantly unhappy. Moreover, to step into the new lives of these new honorable sisters and brothers that await the whole nation, people have to be willing to leave the old politicians behind and close the door on the chapters of their new lives.  Conclusively, I would suggest to all new appointees to remember their new assignment that would enable them to move into new lives. Remember to mourn your old politicians. After all, those old politician has been with the Koroma Administration for a very long time. As they have out-lived their usefulness, H.E. Dr. Koroma had released the old ones and welcomes the new appointees, it is important to trust that things will work out. This is not about making choices, choosing your life and living with your choices or consequences. It is a very robotic way of living. Instead, it’s about feeling which comes from so deep within you that it pushes you to make the changes necessary to step into a happy and new life. Painstakingly, jumping off a figurative cliff and trust that you will grow wings on the way down, you may not be fortunate in the Koroma’s Administration. You may be feeling nervous and unsure of yourself right about it now. But be patients, your life is unfolding and even though you may not see them, know that the new is coming to your life. You may want to return to the old life, but hold on and trust the process because it is a process.

Congratulations to all the new appointees.  Good-bye to the old, good-bye to the unproductive and adieu to the ones who had outlived their usefulness in the Koroma’s Power House. Long live H.E. Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, Mama Salone and the APC Party. Stay blessed.