Fertilizer 980 bags stolen at Kissy Store


Thieving is becoming very flourishing at the Ministry of Agriculture, forestry and food security. If is not about stealing money from the accounts of the ministry at the Commercial Bank. It will be about stealing of fertilizers from the stores at Kissy dockyard where the product was kept for safe keeping until when needed.

This week, two senior officials were spotted at the Kissy dockyard when they received the disturbing news that about 980 bags of fertilizers have been stolen by unknown persons. There was no breakage to the main doors of the store and there was no hole pierced on the doubled coated walls of the building, which could have giving investigators clue as to where the product was carted away.

The mystery of the theft has been concealed, only some top notched at the Ministry of Agriculture, forestry and food security are aware about the theft and are trying to conceal it from the press and the general public.

But the duration of concealment has not lasted for long when the press picked it up that such a quantum of fertilizers had been stolen.

Although it is not known when the criminal act was perpetuated however, it is clearly evident that the product had been stolen.

The store keeper Mr. Dixon will have to explain what happened and how why quantum of fertilizers left the store without authorization from the authorities of the ministry.

This set of fertilizers belongs to a farming project sponsored by donors and the Government of Sierra Leone, aimed at encouraging farmers to grow more foodstuffs since during the Ebola productivity was low, Government and its partners decided to come to their rescue.

Tuesday this week a truck with registration number AIZ 701 was hired to convey the product to the selected stations for onward distributions to the farmers. The driver, arriving at the store site and ready to load the product was taken aback when the gates to the store building were wide open. The quantity viewed was not only ridiculous, but irritating. An alarm was raised and questions started flying all around without answers. Panic started submerging some of the officials including Mr. Dixon as there is no convincing response to the discovery of the theft.

The store had initially contained about 2000 bags of fertilizers and the other store about 700 bags. A decision to collect from the 2000 bags exposed the theft if not it would have been undetected. The matter is now left with the Ministry of Agriculture, forestry and food security whether to invite the police or leave it to internal investigation.