EBOLA VEHICLE STOLEN …at Central Medical Stores

September 1, 2016 Off By STANDARD TIMESPRESS

A clever thief goes successful at all times, but an amateur who has not mastered the skills and techniques is always in police net or behind bars regretting his actions. This may have been the dilemma of Issa Samura, alias “SMALL” whose allegedly stole a Toyota Hilux Vehicle with registration number AKQ 907 at the Central Medical Stores has landed him in police custody at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) His “alibi” did not set him free nor his connections that he has widely boasted about see him walking the streets of Freetown as a free man.

Despite the fact that he has found himself behind bars responding to questions from the CID investigators, his hidden partners that machinated the plan to steal one of the Ebola vehicles are doing everything possible to make him feel comfortable in custody. The services of two lwayers have been hired to defend him in Court when the matter would have been charged to Court and also providing him with three meals per day to make him healthy and stick to his gun that he did not steal the vehicle or provided a duplicate key to move the vehicle out of the Compound of the Central Medical Stores. Issa Samura was the official driver of the vehicle, AKQ and slept in it the night when the theft occurred, but he keeps denying that he has no hand in the theft even when one of the security officers stationed at the main entrance Gate of the Central Medical Stores testified in his presence that he saw him at about 5:10 AM, Issa Samura behaved like the Biblical Peter. “I opened the Gates for you when you told me that you had an assignment to carry out in the morning giving to you by your boss” Sources say that was the time Issa Samura alias “SMALL” admitted to have come into the Compound, but did not steal the vehicle. About four prosecution witnesses have been lined up to testify against him when the matter goes to Court.

He is however hopeful that his hidden partners and planners would exercise every effort to influence the Presiding Magistrate to grant him bail on his first appearance in Court.

Meanwhile, in a summary report, the Investigators at the Criminal Investigators Department (CID) have concluded that Issa Samura alias “SMALL” is the key suspect in the vehicle theft, whilst the Security Guards, Bockarie Mansaray and Foday Mansaray are innocent victims that would have suffered unjustly. The value of the Toyota Hilux vehicle is pegged at Le140, 000.000.00 equivalent to US$20,000(To be continued)