Runningmate madness in APC as KONO CHAIRMAN FUELS RIOT

The lying and half-baked Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr. Musa Tarawallie called this press house late Saturday and claimed that he was attacked by youth groups loyal to the Vice President, Alhaji Sam Sumana when he entered the Township in a place called “Gun Point in Lebanon”. Members of the group were putting on T-shirts with the inscription “Kono Youth for Sam Sumana” who attacked him and his long line of convoy, which prompted action from his Security Guards to open fire. The instruction to open fire indiscriminately at the youth was reinforced by him when, according to him he noticed that his life was in jeopardy.

Diana-F-Konomanyi fuels Kono riots

Police officer, Supt. Max Kanu the Local Unit Commander (LUC) of the District has countered the explanation of the Minister of Internal Affairs, saying that he should have informed the police on his arrival in Kono to provide him with security and warmly received him. This according to the senior police officer the Minister failed to do “He only called me once when he was in Bumpeh and did not call me again on entering the township” Mr. Kanu said.

The youth, who were deceived into believing that Mr. Musa Tarawallie is the new presidential running mate being schooled by the Chairman of the Kono Town Council, Ms. Diana Konomani reportedly went berserk as they come to realize that they were being fooled by the Chairman of the Council into believing what is not true, as President Koroma has no intention to change his runningmate come 2012 election

It is now clear from investigation carried out by this press that Ms. Diana Konomani cajoled some of the youth to put on T-shirts with the inscription “MUSA TARAWALLIE WELCOME TO KONO VP.TO BE” and that the event was coordinated from the Taia Hotel where she was offered a room and had spent three nights as a free guest before traveling to the district to honour the death of her Aide.

The Minister of Internal Affairs was supposed to reside at the Kono Hotel, where he was to spend the weekend and return on Sunday or Monday, but what struck the police after they have been able to put the situation under control was when they discovered that the minister had changed his location, instead of the Kono Hotel he was met at the residence of the Chairman of the Kono Town Council, Ms. Diana Konomani “We never expected him to reside at this location” A senior police officer in Kono told this medium.

Police observed a conspiracy between the Minister and the Chairperson of the Council, Ms. Konomani and it was at this point that conclusion was reached that what took place between the Youth and the Minister of Internal Affairs was the handiwork of Ms. Diana Konomani.

This is not the first time that Ms. Diana Konomani is undermining the authority of the Vice President, giving the impression to certain people that she was the one who made him what he is today and can undo him anytime she wants to change the tidy.

Why Ms. Diana Konomani hates the guts of the Vice President and always humiliating and badmouthing him is not known. Several meetings, according to sources in Kono had been held in the past both in Kono and in Freetown to resolve issues of conflict and misperception by some elders of Kono including Chiefs, but all have proved futile.

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