Le500 Million Bail for Anglican Bishop ..embezzled in excess of Le2 Billion

December 20, 2016 Off By STANDARD TIMESPRESS


An Anglican Bishop, Mr. Emmanuel Tucker may have returned home in Bo with regret after going through a tough time at the Anti Corruption Commission Office where he was fighting tooth and nail to secure his freedom, but effort did not yield him the expected dividend and had to sweat it hard until few hours to this publication he was granted bail in the sum of Le 500 Million bail until the matter is charge to court.

It is not known whether he would survive under the Le500 Million bail until his alleged corruption file is presented in court for prosecution.

Bishop Emmanuel Tucker has brought shame and disgrace to the Anglican Diocese in Bo, which he hardly recognizes until he was told at the Anti Corruption Commission that there are abundance evidence against him which the Commission deem culpable on his part and therefore would not allow him to walk the streets of Bo as a free man, without a tag on his head for fear that he may disappear when he would be needed to respond to corruption charges and was therefore imposed a Five Hundred Million Leones bail, which he fulfilled at the eleventh hour.

In the book of Exodus 20: 15 the Lord Commanded his people including Bishop Emmanuel Tucker not to steal. It stated thus “Thou shalt not steal” This has been one of the sermons preached by most religious leaders including Bishop Emmanuel Tucker to their congregants. It is not known how Bishop Emmanuel Tucker found himself in the ACC net allegedly for embezzling an excess of Two Billion Leones, money that was meant to be used in the fight against the Ebola virus.

At the ACC Office, Bishop Tucker was seen in one of the most awkward positions as he tried to defend himself and referred to the allegation as untrue. Pray, pray, pray Bishop for the wicked but harm no one as the bible states that “Vengeance is mine”, but the wicked shall not triumph where good men exist” was the Bishop Quiet response, but how true is this biblical theory and belief when the Bishop is currently under investigation for corruption relating to financial embezzlement in excess of Two Billion Leones in relation to the Ebola funds is left with time to tell.