Democracy Abused in Bo as SLPP burns party Office and “fries” Chairman Sillah’s House

…Petrol used to execute plan

The visit of retired Captain Maada Bio to the provincial town of Bo last Friday 9th September, 2011 has left the city in a state of disaster, with a number of residents now hospitalized and others fled to safety. Maada Bio and his SLPP party left Freetown on Friday and informed the Sierra Leone Police Headquarters that they are traveling to the Southeastern region to say a “thank you message” to their supporters, which turned out to be a political rally, and left the city of Bo gripped in fear. News about Bio and the SLPP rally targeted the APC Office, burnt it down, the private residence of the APC Chairman, Mr. Sheik Sillah was also burnt down by supporters of the SLPP Presidential Flag bearer and the National Secretariat of a support group fondly known as the “pa en yai” was reportedly burnt down, a total of three houses all belonging to members of the All Peoples Congress.

the resident of the APC district Chairman burnt down by SLPP activists in Bo

Petrol was allegedly used by the SLPP supporters to set ablaze the buildings according to investigation carried out by this press. Some lawless supporters on hearing that an unknown handful of individuals had pelted the Presidential Candidate of the SLPP with stones attributed the action to supporters of the APC in Bo staying in the stronghold of the SLPP. Without reporting the incident to the Bo Police that their Presidential Candidate was stoned while conducting a political rally took upon themselves to target perceived supporters of the APC and its office and that of the residence of the Party Chairman.

(L-R) Kadie Sesay, John Benjamin and Mada Bio at the hall in Bo allegedly planning the riots

The situation, reports from Bo state degenerated into beating, humiliation, wounding and killing of individuals recognized as APC supporters in the district of Bo and a house- to- house search of APC supporters was reportedly conducted by some SLPP supporters. The Police was called upon to calm the situation as it became evident that some SLPP supporters were bent on causing mayhem and destruction to lives and properties as a form of retaliation to the stoning of their Presidential Candidate.

Retired Captain Maada Bio was reportedly taken to Dr. Yillah’s hospital for treatment where he received medical attention and later proceeded to the Coronation Field in Bo to deliver his thank you message.

According to the Assistant Inspector General of Police, Mr. David Sesay a list of suspects has already been complied and Police are on the lookout for them. These suspects, Police are convinced set the building of the APC office on fire, the private residence of the APC Chairman and that of the National Secretariat.

one person shot by the police in Bo as a result of the riot

Independent investigation carried out by this press points at Kalilu Johnbull, Musa Moigbula and one Kallon as prime suspects. “We are on the lookout for these suspects and others that we believed have answers for the police relating to the incidents” AIG Sesay told Standard Times.

These names, Kalilu Johnbull and Musa Moigbula are not new to the acts to destruction and lawlessness in the second city of Bo. Allegations abound that the two of them were suspected of defacing President Koroma’s portrait on the Bo Clock Tower some years back.

The political upheaval allegedly started at around 3:30 pm, when the SLPP claimed that of supporters of APC allegedly threw stones at their flag bearer while rallying through the street of Mahei Boima Road just opposite the APC Regional Party office in Bo and sustained serious head injuries.

SLPP regional office IN Bo

At the Bo Government Hospital, 18 victims who were caught in cross fire, when Police tried to calm down the situation are currently admitted with two serious cases reported to have been referred to the Emergency hospital in Free Town. An individual believed to be a Bike Rider who was on duty on that fateful day was also killed and his corpse is at the Bo Mortuary, yet to be identified.

APC NATIONAL SECRETARIAT IN BO burnt down by SLPP supporters

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