Für Sierra Leone e.V surprises Flood Victims with end of year packages

Für Sierra Leone e.V surprises Flood Victims with end of year packages

January 3, 2018 0 By STANDARD TIMESPRESS

It was a sigh of relief for up to five hundred victims of the recent flood and mudslide incidences in Freetown as Fur Sierra Leone e.V with the support from its German Philanthropists provided them with surprise end of year packages. Part of the end of year surprise packages which included enough assorted food and cooking items which were supplied to the families at the Matormeh Community in Regent and other camps as their Christmas and New year gifts to merry with happiness despite the odds that meted them few months back in their respective Communities.

The Christmas and end of year surprise donation was channeled through the Country Manager of Für Sierra Leone e.V Mr. Joseph Cole who also is a member of the above organization based in Germany. While he was speaking to the victims at their various camps in Freetown, Mr. Cole was very close to the victims in humor and was able to cajole them with words of encouragement as all is not lost despite the tragic incidence that befell them and caused much causality few months.

In other to cater for the real victims of the disasters and ensure they benefit from the end of year packages, Fur Sierra Leone e.V through its Country Manager used a unique strategy by ensuring that tickets were distributed at midnight in the camps while the supplies were done during the day. “I should have used that time to rest and sleep but I used the occasion to ensure the real victims get the supplies” Mr. Cole informed the Communities. This process ensured that the real victims benefited from the donations and such strategy was exceptional and was hailed by the Communities and Officials from the Office of National Security which was tasked with the responsibility of coordinating the national emergency.

Even though the Flood and Mudslide Victims have been thrown out of their camps by the government of Sierra Leone, on behalf of Fur Sierra Leone e.V, Mr. Joseph Cole promised to always be by the side of the mudslide victims and other vulnerable communities as well as the people of Sierra Leone in advocating to other philanthropists to ensure they are catered for.

It could be recalled that Fur Sierra Leone e.V with other German Honorary Consuls had been patronizing with the Government of Sierra Leone by supporting the Mudslide and flood victims in Sierra Leone ever since the said incidences occurred.  The Honorary Consuls doubling as CEOs of organizations Für Sierra Leone e.V and Verein Sierra Leone Baden Württemberg serves as intermediaries of the Sierra Leone community in Germany and the Sierra Leone Embassy in Berlin. They have supported many Sierra Leoneans in education, health facilities, water and sanitation to name just a few. In the wake of the recent emergency in Sierra Leone, they were able to galvanize funds to provide basic supplies ranging from rice, cooking oil, onions, sanitary towels, sugar, milk, blankets coffee, pure water and hygiene materials amounting to millions of Leone.

By Ishmael Kindama Dumbuya