Fourteen Suspects Arrested in BO as Maada Bio sneaks out of Sierra Leone

Whether or not the Presidential Candidate of the Opposition SLPP, retired Captain Julius Maada Bio sustained multiple head injuries as propagated by the BBC reporter in Freetown, Mr. Umaru Fofanah, who doubles as President of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists(SLAJ) is yet to be believed as he rejected Police inspection of the injured area and medical verification from the Police Doctor before he quietly sneaked out of the country on the allegation that he was travelling to Ghana for medical treatment.

mada bio, SLPP 2012 presidential candidate

A senior Executive Member of the Opposition who did not join the team that went to Bo explained that most of them were shocked when they learnt that their Presidential Candidate had rejected treatment, medical verification and referral from a license local medical practitioner before traveling to the Gold Coast for further treatment “We expected him to comply, prior to his Ghana trip, but his refusal has now become suspicious with different interpretations from various quarters” He said

At the moment the allegation of stoning and wounding has attracted wide debate in most areas. In Pubs, Bars, Offices, Public gatherings and many other places the issue is discussed, but what has baffled many political pundits is the refusal of the Presidential Candidate to prove to the Sierra Leonean public that he sustained head injury as a result of the stoning. One way of proving that according to a Fourah Bay College Lecturer who took part in the argument around the Youyi Building yesterday is by showing it through the SLBC TV, where members of the public with television sets would have the opportunity of seeing the wound and pass on the information to other Sierra Leoneans, but that never happened.

Information reaching the editorial room of the Standard times claimed that Dr. Yillah, a medical practitioner in Bo helped to build a case of wounding for the Presidential Candidate by performing a surgical slice on his head and used a plaster to cover the area, but the area that the surgery was allegedly performed is not enough to convince members of the public and qualify the BBC report that retired Captain Julius Maada Bio received multiple head injuries as a result of the stoning.

Another question that has not been answered is how was the surgical operation done? Was an anesthetic used or done dry? Speculations are now rife among members of the public, while some sections are claiming that the allegation of wounding is not true, others are saying that the matter is complex and because of its complexity the retired Captain is preventing it to be made public that is why he refused every medical offer made to him.

Meanwhile, the team of investigators that landed in Bo Tuesday night has successfully collaborated with Police Officers in Bo and has been able to arrest about fourteen suspects that are in possession of relevant information to the investigation. Eight of the suspects according to investigation sources were arrested around Bo-Kenema Highway, while six of them arrested in Central Bo town. The investigation continues and statements have already been obtained from each of the suspects with stunning revelation disclosed to the investigators about how the destruction was planned and executed to the dismay of innocent victims of Bo town.

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