The Wheeler and Dealer, K&K Investment, 20 Wilkinson Road in dollar& Gold victory

The K&K Investment is fast becoming a professional entity in its trade of defrauding foreign investors coming to Sierra Leone. The planners of the scheme who dressed themselves in executive attires are notoriously known by their local competitors of similar trade, but unfortunately not known by foreign investors and their unsuspecting victims.

Ibrahim Kabbah and Bai Kamara are no strangers to Psalm 419, which states among other things, that “Even my best friend, the one I trusted completely, the one who shared my food, has turned against me”.

They knowingly and collectively turned against their South African Female investor and illegally took from her the sum of US $49,000 under a fraudulent scheme, with the pretext of shipping out a quantity of gold valued to the tune of US$150,000 to Dubai, which later disappeared in Ghana.

Till date the where about of the gold is not known, but the happy-lucky- go schemers are celebrating their victory until when they would run out of luck and their offices at 20 Wilkinson Road, known as the den of “fraudulent centre” shut down….

details relating to the scheme and how the South African woman was duped after the GGDO had certified the goods and handed it over to the representatives of K&K Investment will be published in the coming editions

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