US$ 2 Million Ebola Fund Rocks Red Cross as Secretary General pushed out

US$ 2 Million Ebola Fund Rocks Red Cross as Secretary General pushed out

January 31, 2018 0 By STANDARD TIMESPRESS

He was neither the whistle blower, nor was he the individual that opened the lid that caused the beans to be spilled out, but has become the boxing bag for Mr. E.T.Gandi and some of the officials at the Sierra Leone Red Cross that washed their hands with the Ebola money, which President Ernest Bai Koroma usually called “BLOOD MONEY”.

Whilst Mr. Edward T. Gandi may have been tormented by the souls of the departed, he continues to take illegal and unlawful decision in a Board that has already lost its taste and tenure in office expired since last December. 2017. Mr. Edward. T. Gandi is now afraid to conduct an election for a new Board to take over the administration of the Sierra Leone Red Cross. Shamefully, he has postponed it indefinitely, because of promises from some International Federation officials that are yet to come into fruition.

As a double dipper, collecting from the Makeni University and the Red Cross office, he is living a life of luxury and abundant excesses, and with promises handing over his head to descend like manna from heaven, he is confident that he would be lavishly rewarded by the International Federation of Red Cross for toeing the line the institution wanted him to take, irrespective of its illegality and unlawfulness.

Information received from Joanna Brent, Director of Communication for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red crescent Societies has admitted the fraudulent activities of some staffs of the institution in the Ebola fund meant for vulnerable Serra Leoneans that was plundered into, which according to her was unacceptable to her institution and therefore the necessary action would be taken that would forestall future corruption and medaling of funds meant for humanitarian assistance. The situation currently at the Red Cross office could be described as fatal as those who should have managed the local institution purposefully, have allegedly connived with some officials of the International Federation to plunder funds for their personal benefits. Take the case of Dr. Jalloh, who was head of compliance and integrity that was using the Red Cross vehicle to ply the Freetown-Bo route to attend to his private clinic and when the vehicle developed engine fault the sum of Three Thousand United States Dollars was scooped from the Ebola fund to repair the vehicle which was never utilized for official purpose, only for the purpose of attending to a private clinic in Bo. Another case that is a mockery to integrity is when money was shared among these officials and Dr. Jalloh was always there to cry broke and needed money at all times. The other scenario that was clear violation of his office is the employment of his son and wife. One can hardly believe that these front men can mess up themselves and the local institution that depends on foreign taxpayer’s money to survive.

The recent illegal and unlawful action to push out some dedicated staff members including the Secretary General of the organization just to cover the backs of the Ebola fund choppers would definitely be met with a corresponding action that would be legal and lawful in the not-too-distant future.