January 31, 2018 0 By STANDARD TIMESPRESS

The K&K Investment Corporation is a Sierra Leonean Investment Company, claiming to maintain a growing portfolio in the mining of Gold, Diamond and Tantalite for Local and International Market, Real Estate, Quarry Development, Recruitment Services, Online Marketing and Security Detail Provision. These are all fallacious statements and lies. The primary objective is to deceive investors and damage the image and reputation of the country for personal benefits. The company is led by an experienced Sierra Leonean based management team with broad expertise across all aspects of the investment industry to many observers and victims of this so-called shipping Company includes criminality and fraudulent activities.

K&K Investment Corporation is investing in its people and teaching them how to dupe genuine and hardworking investors who come to Sierra Leone to transact businesses.  Some two to three years back, this Country was credited by the International Community as one of the best Countries in the world in doing business. Not only its fastness with a credible “One Stop Shop” established by the Country’s Registrar General in the person of Haja Kallay, but the safety and guaranty it offered to business individuals in getting through this herculean task and come out with smiles. Gradually, all these accolades and credits are beginning to fade away as President Koroma is putting things together to exit State House. The situation is not only getting worse by the hour, but becoming very dreadful and lack of assurance, which if not nip in the bud as was done when President Koroma assumed the reins of power, it will end up painting negative picture of the Country abroad.

The Embassy of South Africa has a track record of criminal activities that have been perpetuated against their nationals in the month of January 2018, in Sierra Leone and record shows that this recent event were a South African woman was been duped by a fly-by-night shipping Company, located at 20D Wilkinson Road is the second that has raised eyebrows and now giving Sierra Leone a negative perception to the business community overseas.

President Koroma’s worldwide appeal for investments in the country, is fastly beginning to diminish especially when officials of K&K Cooperation are using their entity to defraud unsuspecting investors and make them to strand and frustrated, their foreign partners in crime have equally fortified their conned campaigns in several parts of the Globe, in Ghana and other parts to sabotage President Koroma’s hard work in marketing Sierra Leone.
Some of the frauds and criminal acts of K&K Co, operation have been revealed to this press through documentary evidence and authoritative sources in Ghana, where it is believed is the active centre.
One of several cases reported that has been established to be a fraud and criminally manipulated is a South African Woman who has now been “caged” in Sierra Leone, distressed and frustrated. Her return to South Africa remains bleak and unpredictable as she has been dispossessed of all her finances through fraudulent manipulation perpetuated against her by a cabal of crooked Sierra Leoneans in partnership with officials of K&K Investment Co,operation.

The sum of $150,000 (One Hundred and Fifty thousand dollars) worth of Gold was purchased, which was taking to the Government Gold and Diamond Office (GGDO) for verification and was certified by the office as clear, genuine and of value. It was during the process that a request was made by the South African Woman that she wanted an exporting Company to ship the precious materials to Dubai, which was the final destination of the product. All government obligations such as tax, insurance and the National Minerals’ Agency 3% fee were also honoured according to documentary evidence. It is not known whether some officials of the Government Gold and Diamond office are in criminal league with officials of K&K Co, operation or not. Immediately the South African woman requested for a shipping Company, the K&K Investment Co, operation was recommended, whose official materialized at the scene and assured the foreigner that his company can safely deliver the product in Dubai. Payment was negotiated and the sum of $49,000(Forty Nine Thousand Dollars) was paid. At the Country’s Custom and Excise Department at the Lungi International Airport the total kilograms of Gold was declared and payment was also made to the office. Each bar of Gold was 5kilograms and a total of 15 kilograms paid for and left the shores of Sierra Leone in the possession of an official of K&K Co, operation and they boarded the Kenyan Airlines (Read in the next edition how the criminal network in Ghana collaborated with K&K Investment Cooperation official and disappeared with the consignment of Gold under the pretext that they have been arrested by the Ghana Customs officials and the Police)