ATTORNEY GENERAL BETRAYED: Rasputin of the Law Officers Department

ATTORNEY GENERAL BETRAYED: Rasputin of the Law Officers Department


Grigori Rasputin was a Russian Monk who came to exert tremendous influence over the Tsar Nicholas 11 and his family during the 1st World War. His influence was combined with reputation for debauchery, that he steadily used and discredited the imperial family. He was assassinated in 1916 by a group loyal to the Tsar.

In 2018, when Lawyer Charles Francis Margai was appointed Attorney General and Minister of Justice by President, retired Julius Maada Bio, he never imagined that there was a Grigory Rasputin within his office. Lawyer Charles Francis Margai in his initial legitimate entrance to the office, he called on every member including the Grigory Rasputin to a meeting and disclosed to them that his coming into the office was not a witch-hunt, but to create a formidable establishment that he would leave his legacy behind.

Little did he realize that he was talking to a group of Sierra Leoneans where a Grigory Rasputin was part of until recently when he began to realize it was so. A special assignment he received from his boss, which he was to do a legal opinion on and report back to him found its way to the public domain. It was a shock to him, having discovered that what was dictated by him to one of his staff, playing the role of Grigory Rasputin probably under the name of Brian Nelson Williams was an incredible conviction from him as he never imagined for a moment that he would be betrayed in such a despicable manner.

Whatever he may have discovered was least expected that confidentiality has been broken so the question is who can be trusted in his office? Is the million dollar question that his mind may be pondering over in getting an answer. As a seasoned and experienced legal practitioner he would one day find out who is the Grigory Rasputin in his office.

Ordinary suspicion cannot solve the question of confidentiality nor can finger pointing at Brian Nelson Williams as the Grigory Rasputin of the Law Offices Department put a halt to official discussion between the Attorney General and members of his staff because there are many Grigory Rasputin around him and in many offices and for Brian Nelson Williams to liquidate his credibility is unbelievable and unacceptable to him, because he has a long way to go with his profession. This would require the Attorney General and Minister of Justice to organize a confidentiality test to his staff.

Meanwhile, those that the issue of legal opinion would affect should now know that their fate was being discussed at higher level. But it would be prudent if those that would be affected are paid the remaining part of their contracts and not be thrown out of their offices with contempt. It is hope that President Bio will take into cognizance that the security of tenure in office of those workers should be respected in this new dispensation and not to emulate the wrong decision of the old direction of the previous government. This is because two wrongs don’t make a right.