New Executive Chairperson takes up Leadership responsibilities at the Environment Protection Agency

New Executive Chairperson takes up Leadership responsibilities at the Environment Protection Agency


By Ishmael Kindama Dumbuya

The former Executive Chairperson of the Environment Protection Agency Madam Jattou Jallow has handed over the leadership of the EPASL to the new Executive Chairperson, Dr. Foday Moriba Jaward during a well organized ceremony at the EPASL office along Old Railway Line on Friday the 8th June 2018.
The emotional ceremony was fully attended by staff of the Agency in the presence of some Media practitioners. The former Executive Chairperson of the Agency presented to the new Executive Chairperson key documents including the Agency’s status report and its Strategic Plan which Madam Jallow said is in line with the New Direction working document of the new government of Sierra Leone under the leadership of President Julius Maada Bio. Latest audited financial reports of the Agency were also presented to the new Executive Chairperson.

Madam Jattou Jallow, former Executive Chair of the Environment Protection Agency Sierra Leone‚Äč handing over documents of the Agency to the New Executive Chairperson

Both the former and the new Executive Chairpersons gave consoling words to each other while reflecting to the roles one have played and what the other is expected to play over the coming years. Staff members also consoled and gave touchy words to the outgoing Executive Chairperson with lots of praises to what she had done towards transforming the environment institution and called on the new leadership to embrace them as a United family as they have used to be.

Madam Jattou Jallow after handing over the audited financial report of the Agency called on the New Chairperson to continue to uphold best standards and integrity in the Agency and as well submitted the tremendous efforts her staff had played when she was heading the management of the environment regulatory institution in the country. Madam Jallow also referred to Dr. Jaward as someone who is eminently qualified and passionate about the environment to which she congratulated President Julius Maada Bio for appointing him to head the Environment Protection Agency of Sierra Leone. She graved the indulgence of all staff members of the EPASL to give their tremendous support to the new Executive Chairperson of the Agency in other for them to collectively achieve the policy of the New Direction for the betterment of the country.

Madam Jallow is not a person who can easily forget what someone had done for her. So in her appreciation to her achievements at the Agency, she thanked the former Minister of Lands Country Planning and the Environment, Benjamin Davis who once recommended for her appointment as Director which opportunity was later tapped by the then Government of Sierra Leone under former President Koroma to serve as Executive Chairperson of the Environment Protection Agency of Sierra Leone.

In his own remarks, the new Executive Chairperson of the EPASL, Dr. Foday Moriba Jaward congratulated the former Executive Director for her great achievements at the Agency and stressed to his staff members that the “Environment is my baby and my passion”. On that note, he congratulated President Julius Maada Bio for inviting him to come at home and contribute to the development of his country adding that “in the United States where I was living for many years, it is not my home but Sierra Leone is my biological home Country and my coming here is very important to which I am happy to be here”.

According to Dr. Jaward, he is at the Environment Protection Agency to provide leadership responsibilities and to be able to implement the New Direction policy of the Government of Sierra Leone through the leadership of Rtd Brigadier General Julius Maada Bio as the President of the country. He added that their task will be to operate within the framework the President have recently pronounced in Parliament and in other public speeches he had made for the country.

Dr. Foday Moriba Jaward, Executive Chairperson of the EPASL giving an emotional waving goodbye to Madam Jallow after the handing over ceremony

Within the few months or years, Dr. Jaward promised that there is going to be a massive reform within the EPASL where they will adopt a holistic approach in other to enhance environmental education, investigation, management and constructive engagement in all spheres of the society.

In tandem with the working contracts each of the workers were given at the Environment Protection Agency, the new Executive Chairperson reiterated that he places much more emphasis and premium into work discipline and time as well as information management and other codes of conduct in the workplace and the highest authority of the land. He laid emphasis that in as much as he is not at the Agency to intimidate anyone or create an unfavorable working environment anybody, Dr. Jaward said each and every member of staff has a responsibility to make sure that the working environment is safe, conducive and productive for their team to deliver on their mandate as stated in the National Environment Policy and Action Plans and what is enshrined in the Environment Protection Act of 2008 as amended in 2010. He maintained that he values everyone within the society and take their work so important and further underscored that respect is his watch word as he is not at the Agency to intimidate anyone but to better prepare their mindset to work towards the Agenda of the New Direction.

Dr. Jaward was grateful. He thanked and congratulated Madam Jattou Jallow and her dedicated staff members across the country in uplifting the Environment Protection Agency to the present status it is today adding that what she had left is a big challenge to carry and further promised that he will always consider Madam Jallow to be part of the EPASL especially relating to her knowledge, experience and a web of networks she had created over the years within the international Community.

A group photo shoot with Staff members of EPASL and the former and new Executive Chairperson

Staff members of the Agency gave their contributions and earmarked what they have learnt so far when Madam Jattou Jallow was Executive Chair of the Agency. Madam Fatmata Bakarr-Sesay from the Information Education and Communication Department said under Madam Jattou, they adopt the habit of going to work earlier and taking their work very seriously while Paul Lamin reiterated that Madam Jallow taught them to be responsible in their workplace and in public life. The Public Relations Officer of the Environment Protection Agency, Mr. Tamba Kamara empathized what he had gained from Madam Jallow pointing at the principle of one loving his country and national service. He said Madam Jallow had always expressed to them that she doesn’t care where one affiliates him/herself but all what she wants is for someone to love his/her country.