Eight-months-old baby Marian diagnosed with Biliary Atretia

Eight-months-old baby Marian diagnosed with Biliary Atretia


…USD 27,150 needed for transplant

Eight-months-old baby Marian is been diagnosed with Biliary Atretia, report state.Her eyes became jaundice 2-3months after birth, her mother took her to her maternity hospital in Kambia to her report condition but she was told by her doctor to give glucose to the baby and it will disappear over time,” report say.

In as much as her parents are keeping to the doctor’s advice, yet nothing changes and there is no improvement.After a while a Kenya doctor was deployed at the same hospital and baby Marian was taken to him but he referred the baby to the Ola During Children’s Hospital commonly called Cottage Hospital.

On the 1st June 2018,Baby Marian was admitted at the Ola During Children’s Hospital at Cottage for further investigations. After several scans were done and comparative analysis, it was confirmed that she has Biliary Artesia. Immediately, the mother began worrying knowing fully that such a condition is very expensive and cannot be done in Sierra Leone.

“As we continue to thank Sierra Leoneans, the Office of the First Lady, Mercury International, Ministry of Health and Sanitation, the Government of Sierra Leone and all those unseen people who donated generously to help save the life of baby Mustapha. We would not be able to do this without your kindest heart touching supports. We’ve proven that we are people of love irrespective of the challenging times,” says Ishmael Alfred Charles, adding that “we are here pleading for support for baby Marian. After having several engagements with the doctors in the same hospital (Max Super Speciality Hospital) where Mustapha’s surgery was done, they have agreed to reduce the medical cost by about 20% of the 36,000 USD and the cost for the transplant now is USD 27,150.