29 family members demand justice at stadium hostels AS THEY WERE ABANDONED AND SNUBBED

After some twenty years passed, families and loved ones of twenty nine Sierra Leoneans killed gruesomely and brutally without reference to the due process of the law are now ready to speak their minds to both the people of this country and those in other parts of the world about how their loved ones left this earth in an untimely fashion.

For the pass years, they have endured pains, grief and neglect, with succeeding and current governments not coming to their rescue, not even the International Community that is claiming to be against human right abuse, ironically in the case of Sierra Leone they have maintained seal lips and deaf ears and refused to comment on the cause of deaths of those Sierra Leoneans. Time flies, but the memories of those departed loved family members still linger in the minds of their children, wives and other members of their families. Fatherless children, widows, mothers and parents have all been living in a world of disappointment and frustration with no one coming to their aid and rescue.

On 26th September, 2011 the voices of families of the bereaved will be heard loud and clear, when they would speak out to the press their intentions of pursuing the killers of their loved family members. Having waited for some twenty years and more in silence, they have in one accord decided to come forward to speak and demand justice.

At the National Stadium Hostels, sons, daughters, wives and relatives of the twenty nine murdered victims will assemble journalists and other members of the public to speak about crimes committed by the Strasser- Bio NPRC junta, but more specifically the killings of the twenty nine Sierra Leoneans including James Bambay Kamara.

It is not known whether they are in possession of photographs, videos and other visible materials of the acts that sent their relatives permanently beneath the earth surface to display and show to Journalist that will be in attendance.

It would be recalled that in his maiden speech to members of the Sierra Leone People’s Party, Journalists and members of the public, the party current flag bearer and Presidential Candidate, retired Julius Maada Bio on behalf the NPRC apologized to the bereaved families and the people of this nation for crimes committed by them while in office. How the message was received by those who suffered irreparable loss is not known.

What has worsen the plights of some family members is that properties acquired by those illegally killed by the NPRC junta has not been released to them, for reason not  known and both past and present governments have not been able to explain to those that they left behind.

Properties of the deceased were seized by the NPRC, the SLPP led government of President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah promised to release it them, but never materialized. The APC government of Ernest Bai Koroma has also not released anything to them. At the National Stadium Hotels on Monday 26th September, 2011 at around 11 A.M they will be there to speak out.

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