Schulenburg in trouble at United Nations 66th Session in New York

The Executive Representative to the Secretary General of the United Nations to Sierra Leone, German born Mr. Michael Schulenburg may be experiencing frequent heart beats as he resides in his hotel room  at New York pondering over several allegations levied against him in the presence of his superiors by the Leader of the United Democratic Movement (UDM), Mr. Mohammed Bangura in Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone special representative to the UN Secretary General, Michael Schulenburg

With pieces of evidence tabled down, giving justification to his explanation left the German born stunned and dumbfounded as he least expected that his activities were being monitored and watched by a concerned Sierra Leonean in the Country. When he took the podium, Mr. Mohammed Bangura did not dribble the audience afar when he said “ I have evidence to prove that the Executive Representative of the Secretary General to the United Nations  in Sierra Leone, Mr. Michael Schulenburg is interfering into the local politics of my country and giving support, both financially and morally to the main Opposition Party”.

As if that was just an introduction to the subject matter, Mr. Bangura claimed that Mr. Michael Schulenburg has been attending secret meetings with political parties, specifically the main Opposition Party in Sierra Leone, and further claimed that he has evidence to show that Mr. Michael Schulenberg has relationship with a female member of the party, but the name of the female member he refused to mention when making his case.

As he spoke, members of the audience maintained straight heads and listened to the long list of revelations made against the United Nations Representative. It is not known whether Mr. Michael Schulenburg will be asked to reply.

Sources from the Sierra Leone Delegation to the United Nations in New York explained to this medium that Mr. Bangura tendered evidence such as pictures and other related documents to substantiate his case against the senior United Nations employee in Sierra Leone.

To most people, it did not come as a surprise to learn about such disgraceful exposure made at the 66th Sessions, and at the United Nations Building by a Sierra Leonean, whose concern may cost him his job.

Up to press time, it is not known whether Mr. Schulenburg has been giving the opportunity to reply or not

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