Vision Forgiveness Gratitude & Appreciation: Lemon Aid Fund USA/ SL targets 1 Million

By Mustapha Sesay

Lemon Aid Fund on Sunday 17th February 2019 held a workshop on ‘Forgiveness Gratitude and Appreciation ,’ with the aim of targeting one million people nationwide at the Dele International School, Allen town in the east end of Freetown.

During the workshop participants were opportune to the following topics; Circle activity- know thyself, writing out or narrating grievance stories and answering questions, Taking well-being temperature, Self-empathy/appreciation, Teaching emotional freedom techniques,   Stress and trauma definitions and overview, Brain storm activities of taking care of oneself, Discussions on forgiveness, Rewriting stories on forgiveness for good or forgiveness scores. Practicing stress reduction techniques

In her welcome message, the Country Representative and proprietress of Dele International School Madam Frances Browne commended the participants on behalf of the organization as they will continue the good work of Lemon Aid Fund to address the issues of stress with new techniques in their various communities.

Giving a history of Lemon Aid Fund and the concept of dealing with stress, she furthered that twenty three years ago, during the Rebel War the Founder of this organization Dr Nancy Peddle  worked with her to develop a project on Kids in Distress.

After the war, a lot of people were traumatized and they decided to train various groups. Since that time, the organization has been targeting several groups and now they are training national leaders that are expected to impact the lives of over a million people in the country.

The Founder Dr Nancy Peddle who was in the country during the war saw the need to help children overcome stress in adopting new skills to help the society. To broaden their scope on the issue, eight of them traveled to the United States of America for a training session.

 As Sierra Leone has gone through a lot of problems ranging from civil war, the Ebola, Mudslide and the recent elections, those that have benefited from these training and now training more so that they would go back to their various places in different parts of the country and target one million people with the new   skills learnt                                                                 

Addressing participants, the Founder of Lemon Aid Fund and Chief Executive Officer,  Dr Nancy Peddle a Psychologist and Social worker  noted the need to find positive thoughts and hoped that the trainers will go out and change the mind set of one million people. The organization has been training a lot of people and these are now training others who will go out and touch the lives of millions of people in several ways. She commended the participants for writing out their bitter experiences and share with Lemon Aid. Something according to her is wonderful and very encouraging to let them out.

The participants discussed factors responsible for stress and shared skills in dealing with Stress like taping the various parts of the body, singing songs, engaging oneself in various activities and a lot more.

Narrating their experiences most of them commended Lemon Aid for providing new techniques in addressing Stressful situation as they are now in the mood to forgive most of those that have offended them and they will also use these models to address future situations.

One of the friends of Lemon Aid Fund United States of America/Sierra Leone Kathy Reinhardt from New York noted that she traveled with her two sons to get first hand experience of the activities of Lemon Aid Fund and share experiences with the skills of addressing psychosocial issues. She furthered that she has been with this family for the past five years and is greatly impressed with the work done so far.

Christie Browne one of the trainers expressed gratitude to Lemon Aid Fund for the training and the skills acquired as this has enabled her to go into the various communities and address the challenges associated with stress and trauma.   The workshop was climaxed with group work and networking of the members.

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