January 20, 2020 Off By StandardTimes Newspaper


By Philip Neville Junior

Holding its 1st ever Belt and Road network, china has facilitated in upgrading their media, communication and technology department, in equipping them with newly state of the art tools to broadcast information via different medium for a smooth transmission to reach quickly and professionally to users. Having being the first ever country in the world to launch a 5G usable Network for their citizens and non-citizens, the Chinese government is securing their position in the tech world by improving internet connectivity for a cheaper price, creating futuristic developmentalsystems for the community through Artificial Intelligence and also making high resolution video files like 6k and 8k stream at ease on the internet. Not only that, china has now become the first country in using e-payment systems at all of their shops, retailers, restaurants, hotel, car rental services, and many more, such development into the Technological world is an improvement in modernizing your country and also brings series of advantages to a country as whole.

Bringing a vast use of technology on the board, things like security and privacy will be a concern for users of such medium. WeChat and Alipay being the most used online or e-payment apps in china, with an intuitive system that is encrypted with state of the art industry lead technology that uses a conforming PCI-DSS informative security to encrypt transactions made by users on the app so their information will be safe and also an additional feature of item refund if purchased and not delivered to the client.

The Xinhua News Agency, as it is called, is an organization that seeks to provide upgraded media content to the Chinese public and the world at large. Up scaling the bandwidth size from 4g to 5g, the Xinhua news agency has developed the first News Ai system for both the print and electronic. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a new platform for upgrading computing system into an artificial mega-processing machine. This prototype, as it was shown to us, can mimic human like features into a 3d virtual look, wherein it reports, anchors news, automated editing assisted titling, and analyze data to report weather forecast.

The Xinhua News Agency provides the lead in establishing a smooth tunnel for users to get a first class experience of using the 5G network in watching 8K definition movies, news and real time sports with no delay. Looking to improve better media facilities, the agency is currently working on an intelligent computing system that has real-time 3d capabilities, faster analytics reasoning and handling, intelligent news-anchor presentation and lives outside broadcasting commentary.

Seeing such improvement and computing system, this felt like a turn in the media as it will be helpful in gathering information for journalist.