Shincheonji Church of Jesus Holds Graduation Ceremony with over 100,000 Graduates

On 10 November 2019, in the Republic of South Korea, Shincheonji church of jesus held a graduation ceremony with 103,764 graduates who have completed a six-month bible study and passed their graduation exam. Approximately 50,000 presented and the rest of the graduates across Korea and internationally participated through livestream broadcast in 112 countries simultaneously. It was an unprecedented global phenomenon.

Aaron Kim said, a graduates who was a missionary in Brazil born for the third generation, “Do you know who are you according to the bible?  Are you created according to the promise of the bible? We are having a graduation ceremony of  100,000 and this is the very proof that the living god is working today is it today Shincheonji and all around the world entire churches are being harvested per day the number!”

According to a survey of recent graduates, 95% of those who chose to come to Shincheonji did so because of the “excellent teaching” of the Scriptures. Shincheonji teaches the Bible from the book of Genesis to Revelation in half a year.

The graduation will be the starting point of Shincheonji’s continuous growth. One of the requirements to graduate is to evangelize. Therefore, there are currently at minimum of 100,000 people who are studying the Bible with Shincheonji. If Shincheonji continues to grow at this pace, then within 3 years, it will reach a million congregation members, and the landscape of the religious world in South Korea will be changed drastically.

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