Healey International Relief Foundation sets stage to help fight Corona Virus in Sierra Leone with three Containers of supplies

By Mohamed Konneh

HealeyIRF has been providing support for a charity health network, consisting of three hospitals and eleven health clinics in Sierra Leone for quite a number of years. Hospital equipment, supplies and medicines are crucial when running quality service facilities, especially in a country where counterfeit drugs run rampant. Such a problem of “fake” medicines is one of the major challenges in the health care sector.  Many of the drugs sold in the common market are imitations and will cause more health complications than the difficulty the individual had prior to using those drugs.
For several years now, HealeyIRF has been consistently shipping medications into Sierra Leone. The medicines are of high quality, with proper expiration dates, accurate dosages, etc. No longer are the network of clinics and hospitals having to manage the aftermath of fake drugs and incidences of further complications are greatly reduced. The wellbeing of Sierra Leoneans has been improved because of the consistency and validity of the medicines shipped by HealeyIRF.

Three containers of supplies were sent by HealeyIRF thus far, with clearance and offloading beginning March 26th to April 20th 2020 The containers held medicines, medical equipment and supplies, consumables, and a large amount of medical exam gloves, face masks and components of a ventilator. 

Personal protection equipment, infection prevention and control materials are extremely crucial in the fight against a viral pandemic. Staff wearing medical exam gloves being consumed daily, let’s say in a smaller clinic with fifty patients, will go through approximately 150 pairs of gloves. This number is based upon the staff changing gloves only three times per patient at the varied stages from observation and diagnosis, laboratory provisions and pharmacy and so on. For in-patient procedure, this differs and dependent on the diagnosis, many more gloves are being used. Up to fifteen pairs of gloves are used per patient in one day. Factor in more than one medical expert is tending to this patient, that leaves huge numbers in consumption of medical examination gloves.

Similarly, in circumstances where there is an outbreak or as in the current case a pandemic, every health care worker is required to have a face mask on when managinga patient. The face mask cannot be handled, and medics change them as often as possible since droplets from the mouth of a patient will be a health threat and if accidentally touched, can be infectious with a positive patient.

In many circumstances when health care workers are running low on supply, they loosen restrictions concerning the Infection Prevention and Control standards and begin to use one set of gloves for severalpatients or one set of gloves for several procedures. This cannot happen under normal circumstances, most of all during a global pandemic. It is crucial for the safety and healthcare of all that strict guidelines are followed.

According to Ishmeal Alfred Charles the In-country Manager for the Healey International Relief Foundation in Sierra Leone, the abovementioned details are a clear presentation to the level of importance the three containers shipped by HealeyIRF and its partners bring. Supplies provided will ensure the safety of our medical teams and patients and truly set the stage in support of our health care and government run facilities to combat, if the need arises, Coronavirus pandemic, COVID19.

Healey International Relief Foundation is a non-profit organization that works to improve the quality of life of vulnerable individuals and families in Sierra Leone who have long been affected by war, Ebola, and adverse socio-economic conditions. HealeyIRF remains committed to supporting Sierra Leone by way of the Charity Health Network, established some years back to enable easy access and coordination of crucial medical equipment, medicine and supplies across the country. www.hirf.met

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