US$100,000 bribe for Tribal Authorities in Paramount Chief Election

It is evidently undeniable that the proximity between the Executive Representative to the Secretary General of the United Nations, German born Mr. Michael Schulenburg and the late Dr. Salia Fawundu was extra-ordinarily unbelievable. This reportedly led to the extravagant spending by Mr. Michael Schulenburg of United Nations funds meant for the development of Sierra Leone for personal and irrelevant state matter, with no relationship of any defined programme.

Mr. Michael Schulenburg may now be swimming in a pool of regret after his inner dealings with some core members of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) and the late Dr. Salia Fawundu has become public knowledge and with documentary evidence in the possession of his Superiors at the United Nations Office in New York, he cannot challenge or dispute.

His undiplomatic activities coupled with his unenviable life of womanizing as contained in the Affidavit and other pieces of evidence presented to his superiors speak volume of the character of this undiplomatic-diplomat. That Mr. Michael Schulenburg has been meddling into the local politics of Sierra Leone is neither hyperbolical nor an under-statement as evidence abounds that cannot be disputed. In the Affidavit Sworn to and signed by a member of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) dated 16th September, 2011, the Deponent explained how the UN Representative to Sierra Leone donated the sum of US$100,000 to the late Dr. Fawundu on behalf of his wife Ruth Fawundu who was contesting for the position of Paramount Chief at Baima Songa in the Gbo Chiefdom in the Bo District. The money was to be used as bribe to cajole Tribal Authorities to cast their votes for her candidacy. This revelation did not only trigger the minds of Sierra Leoneans, but has prompted several questions from them as to why funds meant for the development of Sierra Leone should be spent on a Chieftaincy election for the wife of a colleague.

What is becoming very disgusting to members of the public is Mr. Schulenburg alleged romantic relationship with some women of the Opposition Parties that has brought him closer to the inner dealings of the party, which has resulted into him taking positions that are regarded as partisan instead of being neutral. “He, referring to Mr. Schulenburg has been divulging sensitive information to her” The Deponent revealed.

The Affidavit states that the UN Representative told the core group that if Dr. Salia Fawundu wins the ticket as a Presidential Candidate for the Sierra Leone People’s Party the United Nations will support him financially and that he Michael Schulenburg in his capacity as Executive Secretary will do everything in his power to ensure that the late Dr. Fawundu wins the 2012 Presidential elections.

Meanwhile, the death of Dr. Salia Fawundu has not limited his association with the Opposition and some key members. At a meeting held in London sometime this year, Mr. Schulenburg was reportedly present and made voluntary contribution. The former Secretary General of the Party was also in attendance and the Chairman of the party. The discussion according to an inside source was how to win the Presidential election come 2012.(See next edition)

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