Parliamentary Whip warns lazy Members of Parliament in Sierra Leone

Hon. Ibrahim Bundu, aka Bo School is arguably one of Sierra Leone’s most experienced current crop of APC Parliamentarians.

He contested and won the 2002 Parliamentary elections under the District Block Electoral System representing Port Loko district.

In 2007, Hon. Bundu caused the most historic political upset in that year’s Parliamentary elections by disgracefully crushing the then highly heralded Dr. Abass Bundu of the SLPP- a contest dubbed a replay of the biblical David Versus Goliath battle.

Parliamentary whip, Hon. Ibrahim Bundu on the front row

He flew to Brussels last Monday from Tehran, Iran to participate in the 26th Session of the ACP Parliamentary Assembly. As he wraps up his visit, the erudite MP and Chief Whip of the majority party in the Sierra Leone Parliament spared few minutes to throw light on the political happenings back home when he visited the Sierra Leone Embassy.

He gave his honest opinion about the current set of APC Parliamentarians and those clamouring to unseat them by propagating falsehood that most of these MPs are not living up to expectations.

Hear him speak; “There are MPs who have done extremely well. Others have indeed not lived up to expectations. As the Chief Whip of the majority party in Parliament, I need to be honest. Some can’t even debate in Parliament. And I can’t see how you’ll be able to convince a donor or an NGO for development in your constituency if you cannot articulate issues of development. But a high percentage of us have done a good deal.

By and large if people are today praising President Ernest Bai Koroma for the developmental projects that are ongoing throughout the country, it is a collective baggage. The President could only achieve such a feat through the cooperation of Parliament”.

Hon. Ibrahim Bundu then fired a warning shot on those aspiring to challenge the present crop of Parliamentarians; “It is the democratic right of everybody to contest for any post. But why do you need to change a winning team? What assurance do we have that those coming in are winners? Some of them shied away when the party was struggling in the opposition. Now there is a mad rush because the party is in power. That’s not bad. We welcome them, but please let them start somewhere first. They first have to join the party, contribute in strengthening it further and then later you can aspire for any position”.

Hon. Bundu is confident of a landslide victory for President Ernest Bai Koroma and the APC party in all the three elections that will be held simultaneously in 2012-Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Council. “Our chances as a party are very, very great. We are lucky to have a leader who is focussed and development oriented. The development is visible. Things are visible all over the country. Majority of the people have confidence in our leader. The APC government of President Ernest Bai Koroma has done remarkably well that we are no longer in a desperate moment to win the hearts of the people.”

As he was rushing back to Freetown to witness the last State Opening of the present Parliament on Friday, he warned whosoever is contemplating that this might be his final term as a Parliamentarian to wait. “I will be contesting again in next year’s Parliamentary elections and I’m sure of winning again. My people still have confidence in me and unlike the Presidency, the Legislature has no term limit for as long as your people continue to have confidence in you that you can represent them well

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