“GUICOPRES has no power over any Sierra Leonean”… General Manager remarked

By Fadda Bakish


Design of the hotel GUICOPRES plans to build at Aberdeen

The General Manager of GUICOPRES Decazy Youssouf Camara has revealed that their company has no power over any Sierra Leonean to take their property or seize their right because the company is well organized and respectable in the country.

Mr. Camara said because they are operating in Sierra Leone they want to invest and asked the government for any piece of land that they would build a hotel along the Aberdeen area.

“We were successful in acquiring a piece of land from the Ministry of Lands and Tourism as we were given a piece of land that we were told that within three years we should develop the land or they will repossess the land.

The General Manager said they were surprised to hear that the piece of land given to them had a previous owner who had a different audio message that GUICOPRES has taken her land. The matter he said has been taken to court and since the court is ready to give judgment, she is not attending court anymore.

“Since we arrived in Sierra Leone, we have been working within the laws of the land and we have never taken advantage of anybody. The reason why many Sierra Leoneans don’t know much about us is that we do not allow our workers to be frustrated by not getting salaries, we make sure that we pay all our suppliers on time and also our taxes and other financial obligations to the government are paid on time. Why we are doing this is to make sure that we do not fall prey to the media and the populace.”

The Deputy General Manager Mr. Chernor Bah said GUICOPRES has no dealings with Annie Metzger as all what she has been saying about the GUICOPRES was not correct because the land in question was given to them by the government.

“She should go back to the government and solve the problem with them. The encounter we had with her is when the matter went to court. We will never advantage her and we cannot fight with her. We are working with the government and what the government says is what we do.”

Bah said they are disappointed that the company’s name has been misused and they are not happy because in all the countries they are working such has never happened to them and they hope the matter will be solved and they will be able to invest because that is their principle in all the countries they are working in Africa.

Bah said they are hoping that the performance of their first contracts in Kabala and Kono will help them to get more contracts in the future because for them they do pre-finance in all their projects.


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