Former President Koroma Joins Other World Leaders In “A Call for Democracy”

The former President of Sierra Leone, H. E. Ernest Bai Koroma, in an  open letter, joined other global leaders in advocating that governments around the world should uphold the principles and values of democracy even during this COVID – 19 pandemic. Initiated  by IDEA, a Stockholm-based International organization, and the Washington-DC-based National  Endowment for Democracy, the open letter has been signed by 73 pro-democracy institutions as  well as political and civic leaders around the world, including 13 Nobel Laureates and 62 former  heads of state and government. The more than 500 political, civil leaders, Nobel Laureates and  pro-democracy institutions have signed this open letter to defend democracy, warning that the  freedoms we cherish are under threat from governments that are using the crisis to tighten their 

grip on power. 

The letter is aimed at raising awareness and mobilizing citizens and policymakers to protect  democracy; recognizing that this is the most effective system for handling global crises while  protecting the rights of all citizens, particularly minorities and vulnerable groups. 

“The current pandemic represents a formidable global challenge to democracy. Authoritarian  leaders around the world see the COVID-19 crisis as a new political battleground in their fight to stigmatize democracy as feeble and reverse its dramatic gains of the past few decades,” the letter  states.

The letter further states that “Democracy is under threat, and people who care about it must  summon the will, the discipline, and the solidarity to defend it. At stake are the freedom, health, and dignity of people everywhere”.

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