SALWACO begin 2nd Leg Retreat in Bo

By Mohamed Konneh

The Sierra Leone Water Company (SALWACO) has organized its second retreat in Bo bringing top management, station managers, engineers and host of others under one roof. The management of SALWACO including the Managing Director, Mr. Joseph Munda Sandi, including senior managers from the Headquarters and regional stations were all in attendance to chat the way forward for the sector.

The retreat is a joint activity done with the Institutional Development Support program of the agency.

In his keynote address, the Managing Director of SALWACO, Joseph Munda Sandi appreciated the effort of staff and how they have demonstrated the values of the institution. 

“I’ve been in SALWACO for six months, and I have seen your commitment. We all saw what we did together during the three-day lockdown. This three days retreat is to look back how far we have come from and to also look at where we are going. It is also to look at areas for improvement”, he said.

Mr. Sandi made mention of 6 towns water supply project that is funded by the Government of Sierra Leone that is now being implemented.

“My aim is to make SALWACO be the best institution and water Company in Africa and when never they mentioned SALWACO, it’s must be an example to other institutions. The performance we talk about today must serve as a motivation and that this retreat is for us to interact and know each other as well,” he said.

Like the scripture says we are here today to talk about our tithes, Mr. Sandi noted. He said: “early this year, our minister signed  a performance document at state house with the Ministry of Development (MOPED) and they are currently watching what we are doing here”; disclosing that the revenue generated this past six months is far better than the revenue generated in the last one year.

“With this I expect everybody and every station to provide clean drinking and safe water to customers. His Excellency has made water a priority and we must make sure that this is realized”, he said.

The six town ongoing water project is in progress including the newly sign Bonthe water project.

 “I therefore called on colleagues to make good use of these opportunities at hand to realize the dream of the president. We have very large coverage and big opportunities”; he said.

“Today we have all the three regional heads present in this retreat and this makes this session more important”, and called on staff to use the three days to reflect on what they have been doing together at their various stations.

He thanked the Makeni station for raising One Hundred Millions Leones within a month.

“This retreat is also about increasing revenue and there are motivational plans for managers that will increase the revenue. Hopefully within the next one week SALWACO will be on fiber optic. This is good news”, he said.

Mr. Sandi also spoke about salary increment noting that he will not sit back and see his colleagues suffering while putting effort in their work. “We will do our best”, he said.

This second retreat was jointly chaired by key stakeholder and the media Relations Manager, Mrs. Mary M. Ngegba and Mr. Denis Macavoray, the Southern Regional Manager. 

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