By Philip Neville Jr

Looking into this natural landscape photo, taken by me in the southern part of china, explains about societal friendliness of a minority ethnic group and area of china and the present stigmatization that area and people of that ethnic group are facing. You can see an aged woman in her mid-70s-80s harvesting rice with a blue silk and wool clothing specially sewed by her, as a sign of being inclusive with her culture and traditions of being a Miao native. Her facial expression can explain her determination and perseverance in putting a decent food on her family table. Rice in this area is one of their staple foods as they are largely involved in agricultural activities and wine, which is made from their Rice.
The Miao ethnicity is a minority group found in southern china which has grown extensively throughout southern Asia and the United States of America, over 250,000 estimated Miao Diasporas are said to be located in the US and a minimal amount of 15,000 plus in Europe. Miao people are mostly found in Guizhou province which is said to be their homeland province and other neighboring provinces like Yunnan, Hunan, Hubei, Guangxi and Hainan but majority of the Miao people live in mountainous regions that are far from cities as they prefer to live with themselves than other ethnic groups but exceptions to ethnic groups like the A-Yao and the Zhuang live amongst them as they are little in population.
The Miao people believes in dedication and in fatigue way of living as they say it’s their way of life, varying their age or gender the Miao people live with happiness and a great goodwill of hospitality and appreciation towards strangers, families and friends that come from afar or close.
Visitors coming from afar are treated in a different custom when they arrive in the main land as I and my friends call it, THE DRINKING RACE. In Xijiang Province.


Traditional Miao houses in Xijiang Miao Village, the buildings are called ‘stilted buildings.’ Since they are built on steep hillsides, and high mountainsides.

The Miao people are great observers of custom. They are also very hospitable and pay respect to their guests. When people visit their homes, families will often kill a chicken to provide poultry for their guests to eat. They also try their best to entertain guests. Those who have come from far-off places are given a special drink called horn spirit. This is an alcoholic homemade rice wine drink, served by a category of stairs to enter the town hall, visitors will be given the wine from the first step to the last with women on each step dressed in flowering silk garments with a horn or a traditional-wine cup to pay respect to their guests. It is said by the Miao people that every cup you drink is a new step towards a blossoming and successful life.

On special occasions and festivals, Miao women are a stun for silver lining as it is a must for them to be silver bodied. They dress up in shiny silver alloyed accessories like; hats, pins, and beads. They also sew silver sequins on their clothes which alloyed mixture comprises of copper, nickel and sometimes cobalt and a 3% silver metal added for an extra shiny touch.

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