Over purchase of house, US Based Sierra Leonean duped Le100M

July 24, 2020 Off By StandardTimes Newspaper

By Mohamed Konneh








The house in question located at IMMAT

James Cloen, a Sierra Leone based in the United States of America is currently a frustrated man after spending over One Hundred Million Leones for house that put out on sale located at IMMAT, in Freetown. James was fooled by his cousin/Family relation Musu Koroma on the pretext of buying a house for him in Freetown, an agreement that never was.

James who has lived in the United State of America for the past Twenty Three years was planning to visit his country of birth for the first time after two decades.

While thinking in this direction he came across a certain Musu Koroma believed to be a family relation.

Both started getting on well with the aim of embarking on developmental activities back home in Sierra Leone and to also buy a property in Freetown. Fortunately, they came across another family relation, Joseph Konneh who told them about a house located at IMMAT that was put on the market for sale.

The owners of the house were asking for One Hundred Million Leones and James wasted no time in expressing interest.

After several discussions, they agreed for the purchase of the house and a payment plan was designed and agreed upon.

Explaining his ordeal, James said that just after the payment he then asked the owner for the transfer of the document in his name. This accordingly was rejected by his cousin Musu who demanded that both their names should be on the document as a result of some love relationship that was now developing between the two.

“Musu told me I should have both my name and hers on the document. By then she had already collected the documents from the person I bought the house from. I then told her we never had such discussions, nor have I ever set eyes on her. There is no intimacy or love relationship between us. Let’s transfer the property first in my name before having any other discussion on your suggestion, he said.”

Musu was already in possession of the house documents and was now refusing to hand over the document with the pretext that the house was bought by her and she is in charge.

“My only regret here was that the money for the said house was sent through Musu who had another agenda and before I could instruct the owner of the property, Musu had collected all the documents and was now in her possession, James said.

Musu has since refused to hand over the documents claiming that she owns the house, despite several interventions by family members.

The situation left James with no alternative but to instruct his elder brother to report the matter to the police on his behalf. The matter was then reported at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) leading to the invitation of Musu by the police.

Contacting Musu on this latest development said that the house was bought by her own money and not any money sent by James.

Musu maintained that she is a business woman and that she is capable of buying a house in Freetown.

When asked about the money that James was sending, she noted that the money was for her up keep as both he and James have been in relationship for the last five years.

“I am currently living in the house at IMMAT that I bought and I don’t want to be disturbed. James kept promising to come to Sierra Leone but has never fulfilled that promise and I cannot continue waiting for him. I need to carry on with my life, she told me over the phone.

However, the police have instituted investigation into the matter and Musu is said to have been invited twice to the Criminal Investigation Department. To be continue in next edition.