Massive Petroleum investment at advance stage

November 26, 2020 Off By StandardTimes Newspaper

… Nigerian company completes storage tanks

By Abu Bakarr Kargbo 

Patrick John O’Dwyer, Managing Director of APP-SL…commending the good job of the Nigerians

All Petroleum Products – Sierra Leone Company is poised to contribute to the development of the country’s economy with its multimillion dollars investment that is an advanced stage. The company announced the completion of the refurbishment of eleven storage tanks and it will soon complete two more tanks in the coming weeks to get a total of 60,000 metric tons capacity ready to kick start their trade. The company on Monday 23rd November 2020 celebrated a team of Nigerian Experts from Owo Welds and Structural Engineering Group in Lagos, who completed the refurbishment of the state of the earth fuel storage tanks, which they started since their arrival on 6th December 2020.

Patrick John O’Dwyer, Managing Director of APP-SL described the event as celebrating a milestone done by the Nigerian Fabrication Team that was able to complete their assignment within time. “We are happy that they completed eleven out of thirteen storage tanks,” he said and added that the two massive storage tanks have capacities of 41,000 and 21,000 metric tons. The Managing Director revealed that four of the eleven tanks were expanded to increase their capacities. “Owo Welds is a very reputable company in Lagos. We are happy that the team was very honest and capable in completing its job in Sierra Leone,”‘ and furthered that the team has transferred skills to Sierra Leoneans that are now in a better position to carry out maintenance when the need arises. “We are now left to kick start our civil works after the completion of the storage tanks. Preparations are ongoing to do bond walls to protect the storage tanks, we are doing our perimeter fence, yard clearing, fabrication of steel for the gantry and we are expecting about fifty containers of our pieces of equipment including standard pipes to complete the jetty and our works yard,” he said. Mr. O’Dwyer added that his company wants to bring in a viable option to the existing oil marketing industry with quality services and products that will bring fuel shortage in the country to an end. “Our company will be in a proper financial footing and by next year we will make fuel shortage a thing of the past,” he assured and noted that this will be of great benefit to the nation, and people like lots of Sierra Leoneans will be trained and employed. He thanked the President and his government and all those who made it possible to have APP-SL in Sierra Leone, such as the Trade and Transport Ministries, the Office of the Attorney General, and Minister of Justice that prepared documents that were approved in Parliament recently.

Lucky David Onikhena of Owo Welds Company assured that they have done a good job that will last for over a hundred years. He is grateful that they did not encounter any major incident throughout the job. He thanked the Sierra Leonean team that supported them and prayed that the investment will achieve its goal.

Other company officials expressed nice sentiments about the good work done by the Nigerians, which they said is not only done for the company but the whole Nation to benefit from it. They appreciated the fact that the Nigerian Team went through some trying times during their stay in Sierra Leone such as COVID-19 restrictions, lockdown and had to stay at one time waiting for the arrival of materials. The company is now looking forward to the Ivorian Team to complete the two massive storage tanks soonest.