Over death of Secret Society Member…

July 22, 2019 Off By StandardTimes Newspaper

Sulaiman Richard Kamara wanted by the Police and Secret Society


Sulaiman Richard Kamara is wanted by both the police and the Poro Secret Society after he was alleged to have killed a member of the secret society during a scuffle in Kimbaya Village, in the Bombali district, Northern Sierra Leone. Kamara was said to have been forced into the Poro Secret society after he visited his family in Kimbaya village. As a young man from that community he is expected to go through the secret society rituals as long as you are native of that community.

Being a devoted Muslim, Kamara on several occasions have refused to be part of the secret society but was unlucky this time round after he was forced and bundle into the secret society bush. It was during the scuffle to free from the hands of his initiators a member of the Poro secret society died as a result.

Information gathered informed this medium that during the saga he hit one of the members who drop and died and managed to escape. The incident took place on the 18th of July 2019 with society members going on the rampage looking for Kamara. The matter was reported to the Sierra Leone police and a warrant of arrest put out on the young man.

The Poro secret society is one of Sierra Leone traditional secret society that initiates young men into their fold. Most young people have been forced into hiding as a result of the activities of secret society in the country. The activities of the Poro is a no go area for the police and government officials if you are not a member.

Richard Kamara is nowhere to be found since he escape in the hands of his initiators. He is alleged to have killed one of his initiators and he is now wanted by the police for murder.

Family members say they don’t know his whereabouts and some even believed they might have killed him since they cannot account for his whereabouts. Sierra Leone is still struggling when it comes to issues of secret society.