Bomb Blast meets Yokie in court today for allege Arson, wounding, conspiracy & riotous conduct

Two individuals with unenviable names and character will meet face to face today at the Magistrate Court Number 2, presided over by Mr. J.O Wellington. These two individuals are Hon. Foday Rado Yokie, Member of Parliament representing the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) of Constituency 68 in the district of Bo and Mohammed Conteh alias Bomb-blast, supporter of the All Peoples Congress (APC) Party. Hon. Foday Rado Yokie appeared in court last Monday 10th October, 2011 together with thirteen other accused persons charged with various offences ranging from Arson to Conspiracy. Report of the investigating team documented evidence of Arson and other related offences against Hon. Foday Rado Yokie, Alhaji (Alias Tapet), Kenneth Coker, Keifa Avayama, Kanneh (UCC Teacher), Daniel Amara (Mines Bo), Mustapha Massaquoi, Patrick Zombo and others that allegedly poured petrol and set the APC office building  on fire.  According to revelations made by witnesses interviewed the same group most of whom were dressed in green, later moved to Sheik Sillah’s (APC District Chairman) house and set it on fire.

The group also moved again to the office of “De Pa E Yai” and set it on fire. In the case of Mohamed Conteh alias Bomb‐blast the allegation against him states that he used a catapult to launch the stone at the convoy, which hit the head of the SLPP flag bearer. While Hon. Foday Rado Yokie will make his second appearance in court, Mohammed Conteh, alias Bomb-blast will make his initial appearance today either on related charges or different and will appear together with Mohammed Koroma alias APC ratti, Alhaji alias Evil Nya- Nya and others. Police sources say investigation continues as other suspects documented in the report are refusing to make themselves available to police. In court today the two individuals will see themselves in the same building and under the same roof in front of the same Magistrate.

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