Diplomatic Syndicate exposed in England as 33 Portland Place turns 100-bedroom Hotel

Whether there was permission to sell or not to sell has turned out to be a diplomatic syndicate that has been exposed, not only for Sierra Leoneans in the United Kingdom to grasp the truth about how a property belonging to the people and government of Sierra Leone was sold out to an Estate Developer who turned out to be the Landlord and the owner, whilst the owners promised to be  tenants, but for every Sierra Leoneans to know that most time physical appearance has the tendency to deceive innocent minds.

Lord Davenport never knew that time will one day catch- up with him when he knowingly entered a deal with the ulterior motive of swindling and fraudulently converted to his own use and personal property what rightly belongs to the people and government of Sierra Leone through the assistance of some Sierra Leoneans perceived as honourable men dressed in expensive suits.

His Excellency, Honourable Edward M.Turay, Sierra Leone’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom described the action as fraudulent that is beyond human imagination, while pondering over it the Estate Developer, who later became the purchaser and Landlord is regretting going into a transaction that has landed him in trouble and disgrace and those he conspired with are living a life of freedom.

The 33 Portland Place has been transformed into a 100- bedroom hotel that was benefitting Davenport.   It would be recalled that Lord Davenport entered into a fraudulent arrangement with the previous administration of the Sierra Leone Embassy under the guise of hauling the building as it was in a bad shape and the Embassy was financially not strong to pay the repair bill, Lord Davenport suggested method that payment could be done to him after work on the building had completed. According to documentary evidence available at the Sierra Leone High Commission, the building should be leased to a Company known as Ashcroft Investment. This Company without any symptom of knowledge by officials of the High Commission was owned by Lord Davenport that took a lease with the Sierra Leone High Commission.

In the Agreement the 2nd and 3rd floors would be made available to the High Commission to transact official business until the expiration of the lease and a Fifty Thousand Pound Sterling was made available as fee for the remaining portion of the building and promises made for final payment to be done at a later date, which never materialized.

According to diplomatic sources this is one of the ways Lord Davenport was able to acquire property and wealth in the United Kingdom through dubious transaction and using high placed officials in the United Kingdom to accomplish his mission.

The 2nd and 3rd floors as promised to make available to the High Commission was also never fulfilled when after few years, Lord Davenport acquired a freehold of 33 Portland Place. Several questions still remain unanswered as to who sold 33 Portland Place to Lord Davenport, owner of Ashcroft Investment.

As we go to press, Standard times can reliably state that Lord Davenport has been sentenced to seven years in Jail for fraud and other related criminal activities. Among those he fleeced are high profile Citizens of the United Kingdom and officials of the Sierra Leone High Commission. For the past days, leading to weeks officials of the High Commission has been busy turning and flicking over documents relating to transactions with Lord Davenport, who is languishing in jail and are also holding consultations with some UK Lawyers. The Sierra Leone High Commissioner Lawyer Edward M. Turay will officially brief the Queens Counsel today and will also visit the Registrar’s Office to explain his government position and inform the office that the government of Sierra Leone did not grant a freehold of 33 Portland Place to Lord Davenport as he purported in a conveyance, which copy and copies of other related documents are in the possession of the Commission. The 33 Portland Place is now serving as a Chinese Restaurants and a 100- bed Hotel accommodation attracting all categories of people.

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