Ambassador Bangali “Spit fire” on Justice Koroma and shift support to Ugandan


Plans to usurp the right of Justice Abdul C. Koroma was a serving judge at the International Court of Justice(ICJ), with an opportunity for another term, but it would appear that somebody somewhere has created artificial barrier for him using his position and connection to deprive him to serve. A close diplomatic source had revealed that Justice George Abdul C. Koroma’s term of office at the ICJ requires renewal and re-nomination and was fortunate for the ad-hoc National Group to nominate him for re-election, at the same time; the Government of Sierra Leone had already endorsed his re-nomination.

Meanwhile, the close source further intimated that Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to the African Union, Mr. Bangali, who is married to a Ugandan woman, has lobbied the Head of Foreign Mission in New York not to support the re-election of Justice Abdul Koroma, but to support his opponent to the International Court of Justice, a Ugandan called Julia Sedueind for the position.

The source further revealed that the Ugandan candidate, Julia Sedueind, reportedly lobbied the Sierra Leonean African Union Ambassador, Mr. Bangali, requesting him to talk to the Government of Sierra Leone to withdraw the candidacy of Justice Koroma to the International Court of Justice. The Ugandan further wrote a letter to the Foreign Ministry in Freetown after getting assurances from Ambassador Bangali to thank the Government of Sierra Leone to have withdrawn its candidate and threw support behind him.  Prior to the thank you letter, state house sources alleged that President Koroma had instructed the Sierra Leone Mission in New York to officially endorse the candidacy of Justice Abdul Koroma.

It would be recalled that Justice Koroma had served as Sierra Leone’s Permanent Secretary to the United Nations at the time Mr. Bangali was serving as Head of Chancery at the same Mission in New York and relationship between the two at the time was not anything to admire. It was one that nobody could be proud of or emulate.  From Ambassador Bangali’s behavior, it was visibly clear that he was waiting for time  to flex his political and diplomatic muscles against Justice Koroma and to let him know that he can utilize his foreign and diplomatic connections to get what he wants as longer he continues to serve and represent the Sierra Leone Government abroad.

Ambassador Bangali is married to a Ugandan woman and with the long standing grudge between the two Sierra Leoneans, he therefore shifted his support to the Ugandan Candidate to prove to his Sierra Leonean counterpart that it was time for him to fight back and hit him harder not only because of his wife who is a Ugandan Citizen, but because he wanted to prove to Justice Koroma that he has the power and connection to do and undo him at this time when he needed his moral and diplomatic support

Even when President Koroma had instructed the Mission in New York to endorse the candidacy of Justice Koroma, the Head of Mission reportedly team-up with Mr. Bangali to ignore the President’s instructions and went ahead to satisfy the ambition of Ambassador Bangali. According to New York sources, til date they have refused to endorse Justice Koroma for the high profile job at the International Court of Justice.

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