Lover-boy Police in Land grabbing and intimidates Villagers With Police Presence

The Inspector General of Police Mr. Francis Munu has stated that Police Officers under his command have no business in land transaction or the acquisition of land illegally. The Inspector General of Police made this pronouncement when he received report over the weekend that a Senior Police Officer is using his position and job to intimidate villagers and land owners along the Waterloo-Tombo Highway, where there are large acreages of land belonging to residents of the villages in a bid to secure for his parlour wife, a frustrated deportee from the United States of America

The Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP),Mr. A.B.Bangura with telephone number 088281772 left his post at the Hasting Police Training School (PTS) on Saturday 15th October, 2011 without obtaining permission from his superiors or the Inspector General of Police and proceeded with relatives of his parlour wife, Mrs. Manja  Marah (Nee Sesay) to a village called Kosso, outskirt of Waterloo where they intimidated and terrorized peaceful residents and conducted a survey on a piece of land that his parlour wife and some members of her relatives had been laying claims on. The Assistant Superintendent of Police Mr. A.B.Bangura was quoted to have given instruction to two individuals who claimed to be employees of the Ministry of Lands and the Environment to proceed with the illegal work.

One of the Ministry of Lands employees  who called himself Buba Samura and the other refused to disclose his true identity when asked to do so were hired to conduct surveys on the private piece of land. While the situation was reportedly tensed and almost getting out of control as youth and some women of the village stood their ground that the piece of land should not be surveyed as it does not belong the parlour wife of Mr. A. B.Bangura, the two alleged Ministry of Lands and Environment employees were busy carrying out the instruction of the Assistant Superintendent of Police without listening to the other side.

A senior citizen of the village reportedly called on the Minister of Lands and the Environment, Hon. Alieu Patsowe and reported the incident to him, who wasted no time to advised the Surveyors to abandon the scene as they have no authority from him or his ministry to conduct any survey work on weekends. One of the individuals he spoke to who described himself as Buba Samura rebuffed his instruction and said “These ministers stay in their offices and give directives when they don,t know what obtains in the field” and continued doing the work he was paid to do by the land grabbers.

On Monday 17th October, 2011 an investigation was carried out by the Minister of Lands and the Environment, which proved that the individual who described himself as Buba Samura was fake and that the only Buba Samura working at the Ministry of Lands is attached to the Housing Division in charge of demolition who was sick and went for traditional healing for two weeks “ Mr. Minister I only returned to work on Monday and since my returned I have not gone or traveled beyond the city of Freetown, not to mention Waterloo” He explained.

Report about land grabbing and scam is fast becoming a way of life for most people and the involvement of a senior police officer in the person of Assistant Superintendent of Police, Mr. A.B.Bangura gives no hope to the  less privileged in society, especially those who are not connected and are not able to utilize the services of Law Enforcement Officers  to protect their property.

The Minister of Lands and the Environment has reportedly put in place formidable mechanism to stall land grabbers, but what became clear from the investigation is that some officials from the Geological Survey Division and the Ministry of Lands and the Environment are pin holing these mechanisms, which is causing headace and extra work for the Minister. Most time, reports state the Minister, the Director of Surveys and a few members of his staff including a Mr. Jalloh who works at the computer and charting office  spend extra hours in their offices crosschecking documents submitted to them by some of the surveyors and members of the public.

The history of land grabbing and scam is not new in Sierra Leone and is now currently extended to the Western Rural Area where both private and state lands are available.  It is not known whether ASP Bangura who abandoned his Police Training School Post to protect this group of land grabbers will benefit from the piece of land when the document would have been signed or he only gave protection to show love and solidarity to the group as he considers himself as part of the family. Mr. Buba Samura whose name was used by one of the two fake surveyors has vowed to put an end to it “This is not the first time that people whose behaviors are akin to criminality are using my name to cause problem for me” He explained and cited a case at Babadorie where his name was used to steal a piece of private land.

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