Israeli wheeler- Dealer Hypnotizes Presidential Family and claims foreign business backings

The name Zeev Morgenstern  is not new to the politics of Sierra Leone, not new to the socio-economic predicament of the country,  above all, he carries various names under which he operates without the knowledge of so many of his business partners, both locally and internationally. He is well known for his cunning tricks and unreliability. Many local businessmen and women are afraid of doing business with him.  Most legal practitioners have dissociated themselves from him, refusing to accept his briefs and refusing to transact any legal matter with him.   Some legal practitioners in the country have an open book of Zeev Morgenstern that they are always ready to make available to the public, if asked to do so. Their experience about him is not only scary, but unpalatable and far below the ethics of good or fair business practice, but he always goes around claiming to be a businessman, or serving as a front for unsuspecting overseas business individuals.

South Africans, Israelis, Germans you name them are his victims including prominent Sierra Leonean Businessmen. He is one individual that cannot hide away from history or tell stories that can exonerate him from his dubious dealings and transactions. Understanding the cultural settings of the country as a result of his prolonged stay in Sierra Leone has provided him with ample knowledge about the ordinary Sierra Leoneans and how they can be outsmart with relative ease and no pain or hassle.

Few months back he was a guest in one of the cells at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), where he spent several nights and days under investigation and was requested to explain why a foreign Helicopter he claimed to own left the shores of Sierra Leone in a very clandestine manner, unnoticed and without going the usual and normal departure procedure. The Office of National Security (ONS) was uncomfortable with his defence, suspecting him to be a key player in the mafia operation of the Helicopter he was referred to the Police for further investigation, but knowing the way the country’s Law Enforcement Agencies operate, he came out with smiles dusting his pant and shirt and telling senior officers of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) that he would see them later. Whether he saw them later as promised or not is left with time when he would be their guest again.

Zeev Morgenstern is known as a Diamond Agent, without a mining license to buy, sell or mine, but claims to be one in Sierra Leone. He is also known as an airline operator without a single craft belonging to his company or himself or a license from the Ministry of Transport and Aviation to operate one, except for an old and expired document.  He claims to be arms and ammunition purchaser on behalf of Sierra Leone, using an old end user’s certificate that was once issued to his former boss Serge Muller in Brussels by the NPRC Junta. This piece of document he would wave at the faces of his victims and say to them “I am still active in the arms and ammunition business”.  However, Serge Muller and others have their own stories to tell about Zeev Morgenstern, but not a good one to attract investors to scramble for him. His undertakings are many, which most time, has seen him behind bars or having conflict with the law.

Zeev Morgenstern’s power to penetrate and hit his target has been described by many of his victims as a sniper trained who hardly misses his target. Sources connected with his day-to-day activity has revealed that his current focus is a member of the Presidential family that he has hypnotized to the point of taking him into confidence as the right foreign based Israeli businessman to deal with. He is reportedly using him to make telephone calls to various business houses and government institutions, lobbying for contracts. A senior Civil Servant working at the Ministry of Defence, who received a telephone call on behalf of a company Zeev Morgenstern claimed to be associated with said that one of the reasons that he is using a member of the Presidential family is to create the impression that President Koroma is aware of the existence of the  Company  and supporting its activities in the country, especially when the calls are coming from a member of his family and close friends that Zeev Morgenstern is using to achieve his ambition. The fear now expressed by some officials of government and those at the Ministry of Defense that know him to their finger tips are saying that he has gone to the Presidential family to leave his mark on them and by the time he completes his assignment they would be part of the sad memories others have had with him over the years.

A group of South African businessmen dealing in Helicopter service would not like the name of Zeev Morgenstern to be included in the Articles of Memorandum of their company, nor would they like him to be a nominal shareholder of their business. Lawyers representing both parties when the matter of criminal fraud was referred to the courts have interesting explanations to give about this Israeli national staying in the Country. If not for the purpose of attorney-client privilege they would have used information divulged to them by their client to indict Zeev Morgenstern in the court, which would have sent him to prison, but the aim of seeking an amicable out- of court settlement left him, not only as a loser, but in a state of disappointment and the South Africans, report states left with their craft and prayers of gratitude offered to God, for his grace and mercy on them.

The fight between Ibrahim Janneh and Zeev Morgenstern is another chapter in the business life of these two individuals. While Ibrahim Janneh is accusing him of causing the collapse of the Internet Provider Service known as Iptel, Zeev Morgenstern is claiming that Ibrahim Janneh was making unreasonable withdrawals from the business account at the Guaranty Trust Bank without reference his Israeli partners who are the major shareholders of the business (Next edition)




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