A letter for President Ernest BAi Koroma

By our military correspondence

I salute you sir. Thank you very much for your relentless effort in building professional and formidable Armed Forces. In deed you are a true patriot of mama Salone. But Alas! There some wolves in sheep clothing officers wanting to destroy your hard earn effort in building up this Armed Force to naught.

Sir, it will shock you to know that one major Kwame Kanu and Colonel Unisa Turay aka Asteric are the wolves in sheep clothing in your effort to make this Army a reputable one. A case in point here is the episode of the Freetown City Council cleaning exercise in collaboration with the Army to keep the city of Freetown clean.  It may interest you to know that early this year, the council authorities on different occasions gave the total sum of Five Million Four Hundred Thousand Leones (Le5,400,000.00) plus 100 gallons of diesel as a way of appreciating the sojas that participated in the cleaning exercise and the fuel to fill the trucks prior to the exercise. To my greatest dismay, Major Kwame Kanu collected and signed from the council officer in charge of the cleaning exercise Ten Million, Four Hundred Thousand Leones (Le10,400,000.00) and One Hundred (100) gallons of diesel which he tended to his boss Colonel Unisa Turay aka Asteric and shared the money and the fuel between them without given a cent to the sojas that participated in the cleaning exercise.

The most unfortunate scene I witnessed was the second to last cleaning exercise conducted by the council in collaboration with the Army in which after hearing lots of grumblings by sojas at their different locations, I went down to the council headquarters to ascertain who has been collecting the money and the fuel on behalf of the sojas and trucks respectively. To my surprise, I saw one gentleman neatly dressed in civil attire whom I latter came to know as Major Kwame Kanu Commanding Officer of the Joint Provost Unit signed and collected the sum of  Five  Million, Two Hundred Thousand Leones (Le5,200,000.00) on behalf of the sojas. While receiving the money I saw Captain IAT Sheriff one time primary schoolmate whom I am sure could recognized now and one short fair complexion officer whom I don’t know by name came. Captain IAT Sheriff went very close to Major Kwame Kanu and asked him for the money in appreciation for the sojas assistance during the cleaning exercise. To my dismay, Major Kwame Kanu shown mobile phone to Captain Sheriff saying Quote” Look at the number I’ve just called” Unquote. It was indeed the number of colonel Asteric that displayed on the screen of his phone. Major Kanu to the surprise and disappointment of all of us standing by shouted I quote “me mama nor swear me”. Unquote. He went into his car a shut the door after him and drove off.

What I gathered from the major’s statement is that those officers and sojas that participated in the cleaning exercise are those that are not blessed by their mothers that is why he did not give them what is duly theirs as appreciation from the council. This is a total disregard of status of the officers and sojas working for you of which Major Kanu is not a respecter of such. I am pretty sure that Major Kanu took the money he collected to his godfather in crime Colonel Turay and shared it between them and must have brandished the good image of Captain Sheriff and the short officer to his boss as not being working in the colonel’s interest. As for the fuel collected, one Sergeant Harris a truck driver was very much furious as I can see it in his facial mood.


Sir, if this situation is not combated now sojas, I am pretty sure will not be happy working under those two scrupulous officers again especially now that 2012 elections process is under way. Their actions during the council cleaning exercise will surely hunt them and will have over spilling effect on the performance of the sojas during their participation in the elections process. As if this not enough, Colonel Turay is having a section of sojas on him using the Brigade resources to build his house at Regent Road, Lumley. He has been converting the Brigade fuel quota to argument his house project without given to his staff officers for staff duties. A case in point here is himself and one Major Kaimapo his former Chief of Staff whom they broke away due to his self centeredness and disregard for fellow officers.  As for Major Kanu, he is coercing his officers on the different operational locations to be giving him money and fuel as returns from their operational quotas as way to maintain them on those areas. Those that do not conform are always at loggerheads with him. This has angered most of personnel that they are just waiting for the appropriate time to let loose. Even when HE the President is trying assiduously for people to change their ATTITUDE these two officers are secretly damping the good effort of the RSLAF and subsequently HE the president.

I have been following the activities of these two officers for the past five months and I therefore taught it wise to let you know their scrupulous activities they are engaged in so as to put a stop to it. They must be investigated for converting the sojas money given to them by the council in appreciation of their work during the city council cleaning exercise and the fuel meant for the trucks and all other misconduct. Lonta!!! God bless the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces and Mama Salone.(Published verbatim)

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