Out of Crime scene while Dr. Banya’s Vehicle Smuggled

The Sierra Leone Police, Taiama Branch and Dr. Sama Banya, alias Puawui would have to explain how a Dark Green Jeep left the Taiama Police Station, not far from the scene of accident where the life of Mamie Shour(nee Punga) was gruesomely snatched away from her.


The Jeep is reportedly owned by a retired medico, named Dr. Sama Banya who left Freetown on 2nd November 2011 for the provincial towns of Bo and Kailahun to witness the burial ceremony of the late Mr. Abdul Karim. On the way, his vehicle; which was driven by his driver had an accident that resulted to the death of one Madam Mamie Shour (nee Punga). According to eye witness account, Mamie Shour was standing in front of her house at Taiama when Dr. Banya’s vehicle was unable to negotiate a curve as a result of the terrific speed the vehicle was running that caused the driver to lose control, hit and knocked down Mamie Shour to her death.

Still running in high speed, the vehicle somersaulted about three times and hit a tree, which stopped the vehicle from moving further. Police attached to the Taiama Police Station rushed to the scene to render help to Mamie Shour; unfortunately she could not make it. The Vehicle was moved from the scene to the Station and parked in front of the Station, while Police claimed that they are undertaking investigation to ascertain the cause of the accident.

What has baffled residents of Taiama and family members of the deceased is the disappearance of Dr. Sama Banya’s Vehicle from the Police Station to an unknown location. Some members of the bereaved families are of the opinion that something fishy had taken place and that the Police are working in collaboration with Dr. Banya to deprive them of justice.

 A letter dated 15th November, 2011 has been sent to the Inspector General of Police. It was written by Mr. Mustapha Sesay a family member on behalf of the entire bereaved families, asking questions as to why the Vehicle was removed from the Police when investigation is yet to be concluded. Copies of the letter have also been sent to the Human Rights Commission, Ombudsman of Sierra Leone and Dr. Sama Banya himself. According to Mr. Sesay the family has taking up the matter because they believe that the act, despite being an accident is Homicide, which requires investigation and possible legal action “My aunt is a human being and should not be treated this way” Mr. Sesay was quoted to have said.

Since the death of Mamie Shour, Mr. Sesay explained, members of the Banya family has not shown any remorse or paid any visit to the Shour and Punga Families “ They only sent us One Million Leones as if that is the payment for the life of our mother, aunt and sister” Sesay remarked and added “Sierra Leone as  a Sovereign State and is govern by laws, which every citizen must respect”

Whether, it is a case of manslaughter or murder is left with the outcome of the investigation. The 7th Day Ceremony of the late Madam Mamie Shour was observed this past weekend at Taiama, with no family member of the Banyas participated       

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