French President Campaign team tours Africa: Visit Standard Times in Sierra Leone

Khadija Doukali, Audrey Colonges and Charles Vincent Genod walked into the office of the standard times press and announced that they are a part of the campaign team of French President Nicholas Zackozy from France and are charged with the political task of touring Sixteen Countries in West, North and East Africa to sensitize French nationals that they are entitled to vote in this year’s Presidential and Parliamentary Elections even when they are out of their country.

Khadija Douhali is a Candidate for the Parliamentary election contesting on the UMP Party ticket in France “We are calling on all French nationals in the Sixteen Countries to vote for me and President Nicholas Zackozy for the good working he has been doing for his people and the country”  Khadija explained. The 9th CIRCONSCRIPTION has called on French nationals to once again vote in Nicholas Zackozy as the French President for the fourth coming France presidential election scheduled for 22nd April, 2012 first round and second the round 6th may, 2012.


Khadija…running for deputy position.

At a meeting held yesterday at the consulate residence disclosed to her audience that she was in Sierra Leone to galvanize supports  meet with French citizens living in the country to tell them about the next French elections. Her visit to Sierra Leone is also to talk about programmes President Sackozy has undertaken for the past five years. Though, it has not been not easy as a result of the crisis that was biting very hard and very violent but, however revealed that France did not suffer like other European countries. France Ms. Doukali said suffered less and President Sackozy was able to protect his people and the country and for this reason and more he deserves another term to accomplish his good work.

The sociopolitical and economic situations in France require a powerful man with experience, knowledge and skills that are useful to combat any crisis, and President Nicholas Sackozy is that powerful man at this stage. “That is why the American Barrack Obama is encouraging him to continue reforms, which will get the country out of the crisis completely” She added.  President Sackozy wants to accomplish all reforms and undertake new programmes for the betterment of the country taking into consideration the financial crisis and other unforeseen activities.  Khadija Doukali, who is seeking Parliamentary votes, has promised that if she is elected she will be in charge for the whole of north and West Africa and will be the 1st French African National to be elected in a French Parliament. “This year’s election is very important to the French people as they will, for the first time in the history of France to have a representative seeking their interest abroad and with deputies” She said. The election for seats in Parliament will be held on the 3rd first round and on the 17th June, 2012 for the second round. Ms. Doukali further explained that the election is going to be crucial for the people because they have suffered for quite a long time going through the financial crisis. She appealed to the people France to vote in Sackozy for the simple fact that he is a straightforward and hardworking man who loves his people and the country. That notwithstanding , President Zackozy has a very strong contender in the person of Franzois Holange, who declared his intention after the fall of Dominic Straus Khan, the former employee of Work Bank/IMF. It would be recalled that the former employee was implicated in a sex scandal involving a Guinean Hotel Mistress in the United States of America. Khadija Doukali has described President Sackozy’s challenger, Franzois as a new man in the race with multiple of problems that he has no programme or agenda and lacks the skills to solve them. “Franzois has no experience” she said, emphasizing that France needs a powerful man to get out of the financial crisis and President Zackozy, she concluded is right man for the job”

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