Abuse of Administrative Power: Dictator rules Kissy Police Barracks

 “Power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely” so says a book titled “Animal Farm” authored by Eric Blair, a political satire that gives insight into political manipulation in the world of politics. The characters represent the political behaviors of politicians of contemporary political platform. The book is an intellectual work applicable in every situation and at all times. Mrs. Mariama Munu, wife of Sierra Leone’s current Inspector General of Police was a fine personality prior to the appointment of her husband as the Country’s Inspector General of Police. Her true picture was never known or made public until when her husband was appointed Inspector General of Police, a status she currently enjoys among wives of Police Officers.

The position of President of the Police Wives Association is not by election or selection, but by recognition when an officer of the Sierra Leone Police at the prerogative of the President of the Republic of Sierra Leone is appointed Inspector General of Police, the wife automatically becomes Head of the Association, disregarding other protocols and qualifications to that office.

As there are no formal requirements, illiterate or semi-literate wife can become President of the Association overnight and can introduce her own modus operandi during her tenure as head of the Association. The situation that has confronted wives of Police Officers under the Mariama Munu administration is likened to what obtains in Animal Farm. The rule by terrorizing wives of Police Officers at the various Police Barracks is evident and practical, not to mention the excessive abuse of power at the detriment of her subjects.

The state of affairs at the Kissy Police Barracks could be described as scary, one that has the potential of exploding at any moment if authorities fail to intervene and caution Mrs. Mariama Munu to put aside her autocratic and dictatorial administrative approach and embrace democracy.

Apart from the undeniable fact that the Kissy Police Barracks has been reduced to a centre for armed robberies, giving sleepless nights to residents of the Barracks, the administration of Mrs. Mariama Munu has turned the happiness of Police wives to a sour juice, which is now being rejected by all as her true picture and behavior has become public knowledge and distasteful.      

Evidence of Mrs. Mariama Munu’s dictatorship could be seen in her effort to crown Mrs.Fatu Kondoquee, her friend who was defeated in the November 2010 Mammy Queen Election. It would be recalled that Mrs. Fatu Konodoquee was defeated by Mrs. K.Safiatu Kargbo in the election, but Mrs. Munu is bent on using the undemocratic method to crown her friend and disregard the will of the Police Wives who elected Mrs. Kargbo as their official Head of the Association, Kissy Police Division. Her effort to give credence to illegality has been resisted by her subjects, but this has not changed her stance, instead; she prefers the status quo to remain the same than to see it improve for the progress and development of the Association and the Barracks as a whole where development is lamenting for the attention of the authorities.

Report states that Mrs. K. Safiatu Kargbo defeated her rival by an unimaginable landslide victory, but since the outcome of that particular resounding victory, Mrs. Munu been using the power of her husband, not only to intimidate and terrorize the winner and her supporters but to thwart development programmes initiated by the group to the dismay and shock of even civilians residing at the Kissy Police Barracks.

“She would not listen to advice for the sake of reasoning and for the progress of the Association, nor is she respecting the principles of democracy and the will of the people who elected their leader” Remarked a senior member of the Association. This has resulted to cracks within the Association and development programmes left to suffer. The inability of the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Francis Munu to arrest the ugly situation that his wife has created is causing further disillusionment among Police wives who are now left in despair.

In October 2011, effort by the Inspector General of Police to resolve the undemocratic decision of her wife at a meeting held at the Kingtom Officers Mess only succeeded in exposing his administrative weakness and incapability to run the Sierra Leone Police smoothly. Members of the Police Wives Association were able to sense his inability at the meeting in the handling of issues relating to the undemocratic behavior and administrative tyranny his wife has demonstrated within this shortest period of her rule to the displeasure of the greater majority. Allegation of unnecessary financial demands by the President of the Police Wives Association has put members in a state of perturb as they see no reason why  payment or  financial contribution should be honoured and made to the Community Relations Office as there has been no development project undertaken since Mrs. Mariama Munu took up office. Her strategy to dodge the press when called upon to respond to allegation of administrative corruption and dictatorship has allowed rumours and speculation to gain grounds

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