Deception and Lies: Dr Abass Bundu to pay US$210,000

The case against the state versus Dr. Abass Bundu titled “The Inspector General of Police vs. Abass Bundu is still pending at the Magistrate Court Number One, the indictment documents show. Dr. Bundu may not be comfortable with the resuscitation of this criminal matter that bother on fraud, embezzlement of state funds and deception, but failing to comply with an out of court settlement his lawyer requested for that prompted the issuance of a part payment of the total amount of US$210,000/00 fraudulently converted to his own use and benefit in the sum of US$100,000/00 which he criminally cancelled in London immediately following the payment, Dr Abass Bundu will have to blame himself for the embarrassment.

 The true story about how Dr. Bundu got himself trapped in the passport syndicate when he was Secretary of State at the Foreign Affairs Ministry after serving as Secretary General of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has been concealed over the years from the general public. Dr. Bundu has been taking undue advantage of the public knowledge and benefiting from the concealment, while the indictment documents and evidence at the Magistrate Court Number One speak contrary to what he has been feeding the public with over the years.

Battling with Sierra Leone Passports scandal year after year, he has still not bothered to close the criminal case against him and has not been able to convince the critical minds about his involvement in the sale of Sierra Leone Passports to Frank Yin, a national of Hong Kong, who had worked out several investment programmes for Sierra Leone that benefited the political class to which Dr. Abass Bundu is an integral part.

A Clerk of the Magistrate Court, browsing through the dusted indictment documents said that Dr. Bundu has been refusing to tell the truth to the public, hiding behind political curtain and failing to resolve the matter before it gets out of his armpit.

 The Passport programme, it would be recalled with Mr. Frank Yin flourished during the administration of Dr. Bundu at the Foreign Ministry. Mr. Frank Yin the agent had planned to established in Sierra Leone an enamel and battery factories and a highly quality television station. Unfortunately, all these prospective investments did not materialize according to documentary evidence as a result of the incessant demands on him by the authorities to pay cash or transfer monies into their foreign accounts out of the transaction.

Standard times can authoritatively reveal that Dr. Bundu’s share was paid into his account in London and some he received in cash. It would be recalled that Dr. Bundu had an audience with ex-President Kabbah relating to the refund of his own share totaling US$210,000.00, but cleverly and cunningly refused to honour his own part of the discussion.

On 26.8.94 the sum of US$20,000.00 was paid into Dr. Bundu’s London Bank Account, another US$10,000.00 cash was paid into the same account. A cheque of US$20,000.00 was also paid into the account on 05.09.94 and another US$10,000.00 cheque paid 27.09.94. On 02.05.95 a cash in the sum of US$100.000.00 was paid directly to him and on 30.06.95 the sum of US$50.000.00 was also credited into his account.

Knowledge about what led to the sale of Sierra Leone Passports to foreign nationals during the administration of the NPRC has still not been told properly to the people of this country. Dr. Bundu some time back gave a scanty explanation about the trade, which has caused the identity of this country to fall into the wrong hands with every jack and jill who are not Sierra Leoneans carrying the country’s passport.

According to Dr. Bundu the sale of Sierra Leone passports started during the administration of the late Joseph Saidu Momoh, but evidence pointing to those period remains blurred and unsubstantial to warrant prosecution for offences relating to embezzlement of state funds or fraudulent conversion. Unlike the case of Dr. Abass Bundu and others where evidence of criminal enterprises abound, but effortlessly; he continues to defend himself in public forum and claimed to have been absolved of any wrong doings (To be continued)

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