SLPP Manitoba Chapter Concludes Handing Over and Inauguration Ceremony

It was a green carpet affair full of glitz and glamour during the Swear-in and Official Hand-over Ceremony of the interim executive of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party Manitoba Chapter in Canada. Veteran party enthusiast Mohamed Sheriff poured libation in remembrance of the founding fathers of the party while Mrs Judith Sam-King prayed for the party and its supporters.

Delivering his farewell speech outgoing interim chairman Mohamed Jah expressed great appreciation for the smooth transition he enjoyed since the establishment of SLPP in Canada during his term of office.  Jah‘s speech which was very emotional unveiled some of the political struggles the party is currently facing. “Our numerical strength dwindled as soon as we lost elections, our challenges are not only limited to membership but also to resources that we needed to actualize our ideas” Mr Jah stated while waving the political staff in his hand.

Incoming chairman Dr Ishmael Yumkella expressed his appreciation and thanks to all those who voted him as the leader of SLPP Canada, Manitoba Chapter. Dr Yumkella gave a reflective speech about the values and objectives of the party since the time of the founding members of the party. Dr Yumkella detailed the kind of struggles the people of Sierra Leone are facing and called upon all Sierra Leoneans to put down their political differences to work as a family.

Dr Ismael Yumkella also sent a happy 50th anniversary to all Sierra Leoneans in Canada, “ but however it will be a surprise to let you know that SLPP is even older than the 50th celebration of Sierra Leone and we the members of this party are very proud to be part of this legacy” Dr Yumkella stated.

Other distinguished party members delivered statements. Mr Amara Haroona gave a speech on “SLPP since independent”. Mr Amara Haroona gave a vivid historical background of SLPP and challenged people who always say SLPP is a mende man party of which the party has a valuable history from the north.

Talking to the Secretary General of the Sierra Leone People’s Party Canada, Manitoba Chapter, Mr Victor Kaicombey; this is what he has to say: “I was extremely moved by the entire inauguration and handing over ceremony………..something that I have been cracking my brain with other executive members like Mr Jacob Mondeh and our chairman to have a befitted inauguration. I am so proud of the people I am working with and truly give thanks for the glorious experience we’ve shared this day.

Apparently, I absolutely loved politics even though we are all political beings. Politics is innate in our daily lives” Mr Kaicombey stated.  He further stated that it is understandable that the party is facing such a turbulent crucial moment at the time when we should be working on strategic policies and plans towards the 2012 national elections.”

Mr Kaicombey concluded that people are using the party just for their own gains in expense of the sustenance of the party itself but caution all and sundry to know that unity is Strength. “We the people of Sierra Leone are yet to learn from our mistakes……..and if the same mistakes repeat themselves, it will be given a different nomenclature. This is one of the main objectives of the Sierra Leone TRC. Detailing and reflecting about the antecedents of conflict / incident for not to be repeated” he stated. Mr Kaicombey said that this philosophy is yet to be realized.

Ms Sally Wai administers the oath of office to the incoming executive while Simeon Ganda was the master of Ceremony the occasion witnessed people from all walks of life in Manitoba, Canada and other provinces.

The current executives are:

Vice and Chairlady…………….. Mrs Inna Ganda

Secretary General ————- Mr Victor Kaicombey

Social Secretary………………… Moses Shylllon

Financial Secretary ……………………Mr Massaqoi Christopha

Treasurer ……………………………….Mrs Juliet Kaiocmbey

New generation / Youth Leaders……………………… Mr Jacob Mondeh

Women’s Leader………………………… Mrs Posseh Mondeh ( Nee Kallon)

Assistant General ………………………………Mr Amara Francis

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