Charles Maigai gives APC minus zero percent at SLPP delegate conference in Sierra Leone


The leader for the People’s Movement for Democratic Change Party (PMDC) has said in Freetown that he will only give President Ernest Bai Koroma’s government a credit for maintaining peace and stability while in other development areas they deserve minus zero. Speaking at the SLPP Delegate Conference on Saturday 30th July, Lawyer Charles Francis Margai at first he thought the All People’s Congress Party will do well after his party had supported them to win the 2007 Presidential Run-off Elections. “They have totally failed us,” he revealed.



The PMDC Leader sent a clear message to delegates that the SLPP lost the 2007 elections due to mistakes made in the 2005 Makeni Delegates’ Conference. “The Delegates by then were sent to elect a leader but because of money they elected the wrong choice that was not marketable,” he said, and warned that this same mistake should not be repeated.

“Vote your conscience in accordance with people you are representation, don’t vote for money,” says Mr. Margai. The PMDC Leader, who received thunderous cheers from the delegates, stated that the PMDC is only waiting to see the kind of leader the SLPP will elect. “It is the PMDC that made APC win, and so if you want to win the 2012 elections please elect a candidate that is marketable. Let your leader don’t be like Berewa that you were not able to sell,” he warned, and further added that “If you don’t have a leader that will contest against Ernest Bai Koroma don’t waste our time.
Mr. Margai informed the conference that he will not dissolve the PMDC but he believes in collaboration to save the nation. “My party is neutral in the contest. If you elect a fine candidate we will talk during the Run-off,” he said.

He however lauded the Political Parties Registration Commission, PPRC, for doing a good service to the nation. He called on other political parties to put pressure on government to support the Commission so that it carries out its mandate well.
Chairman of the PPRC, Justice Ademusu said it is good to see the opposition SLPP electing its Flag Bearer for the 2012 elections. “For us to enjoy peace and democratic governance we need the support of political parties. With your full cooperation PPRC will fulfill its mandate,” he assured.

The SLPP Member of Parliament, Emmanuel Tommy thanked the PMDC Leadership for showing his true brotherhood. He informed his audience that the SLPP MPs in Parliament have committed themselves to show that their party is the only one that capable of ruling the country. “When we lost power to the APC in 2007 their party was in disarray. We as MPs came together to make our own input. This is why every year we are contributing Le54m (fifty four million Leones) to the development of the party,” he revealed, and added that they have on several occasions walked out of Parliament for the development of the country.