2012 Elections: How the Presidential Candidates Stand?


By Philip Neville:

Sometime back on this very medium, this columnist wrote under the column “Solomon Berewa was a stronger candidate…”Those who read the piece were not happy with the truthfulness and sincerity of the author’s view. The publication, as well as the views of the columnist were misrepresented and to a larger extent misplaced. The readers, mainly from the other side viewed it as a mischief and a political propaganda aimed at putting the current leadership of the party on the bad side and showcasing the strength of the former 2007 Presidential Candidate, Solomon Ekuma Berewa. Whether the pronouncement was a fallacy, a political propaganda on behalf of the former flag bearer or a political mischief making is left to be seen as the 2012 election results continue to lay bare for the doubting Thomas’s to see.

The 2012 elections have portrayed the capacity of both past and present flag bearers of the SLPP, their strength, popularity, track records and more. The ability of each of them can be assessed and determine, which one of the two candidates is capable and was capable of making impact on the political landscape of the country in the various regions. Most of the regions that Solomon Ekuma Berewa scored substantial votes in 2012 are the regions that Julius Maada Bio performed not only poorly, but disgracefully. The discussion on regions in this piece is not only limited to the Southeast or the Western area, but the country as a whole where more gains were made than now.


This year’s result is a direct response from the people to the various candidates, specifically to both Julius Maada Bio and Ernest Bai Koroma, the latter who threw a challenge to the electorates, unlike his challenger whose message was absurd, unexplainable and unclear up to the election day and as a result of the absurdity of his message the voters reacted negatively to him.  In such a situation he should not blame them but accept his fate.

As the results unfold or being released from the regions and the Western Area, they interpret a singular message to the public, not only the outspokenness of the voters, but gives an accurate insight of the position of the candidates that only one between the two  stands on a solid ground, while Julius Bio finds himself standing on a pile of sand that is gradually sinking with him and by the time the results are officially announced and  position of presidency declared by the Chief Electoral Commissioner, Julius Maada Bio would come to the realization that the voters, those who have the natural mandate to give and not to give are not happy with him.

The 2012 elections have been conducted under a peaceful and enviable atmosphere, which have been commended by election world observers as credible, fair and free. Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad must be proud of it what took place few days back and must pat the backs of each other and say “We have made history”

History in the sense, it has never happened since independence to date that elections are conducted under such atmosphere and friendliness.  To say there were no hitches will be an under-statement and fallacious in nature, but these have not dampened the enthusiasm and determination of the voters, instead it makes them vigilant and fearless in their drive to speak out their minds through the ballot boxes.


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