The former Commissioner of the National Electoral Commission, who was an SLPP insider at the Commission and still remains a member of the party, Mr. Eddie Nyaley has revealed himself not a good and patriot citizen of Sierra Leone. His behavior in the last 2007 election gave credence to a wide range of speculation that he was seeking the interest of his party and not the country. Having failed to get his way in concert with a handful of SLPP supporters that were employed by the Commission, Mr. Eddie and his SLPP brother marched out of the British Council Hall where they had assembled together with Dr. Christiana Thorpe to read out the final 2007 election results that saw Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma as the winner democratically elected by the people of this country.

The disgraceful manner they took their exit was a clear reflection of their failed attempt to subdue the Chief Electoral Commissioner, Dr. Christiana Thorpe to their fraudulent demands.

Few months after their discredited and unpatriotic behavior, they were official shown the exit door of the Commission for them not to pollute the minds of other workers.

Mr. Eddie Nyaley has since returned to the United States of America (USA), where report states that he is managing life with odd and menial jobs, but his quest to wreck havoc on his country of birth has not subsided, nor has it vanished on his mind. His email message decoded by this medium and other media houses sent from his Samsung smart phone, Mr. Nyaley has advised some of his party members he is in constant contact with not to accept defeat, but to emulate and implement the Kenyan style of grabbing political power even when his party did not win the 2012 elections.

He went further to request the telephone numbers of Maada, John and others in a bid to brain wash them as to how to proceed with the plan that is considered by many as diabolical to the stability of the country. Communicating with another SLPP member, named Nat Dawonde who has also got wind of the disgraceful defeat of their party, Mr. Eddie Nyaley said “I do not want Maada to concede” and claimed that “With all the electoral anomalies it is enough justification to indicate that the electoral commission is working in concert with the perpetrators of the frauds taking place”

Below is the email communication between ex-commissioner Eddie Nyaley to Nat Dawonde and the advice of the adoption of the Kenyan model “I have in the past said that the party should be gearing up itself for the worst which is APC’s best. The Kenyan model is a good one to emulate. Please flash me and I will call right back, stating his telephone number”

It is becoming apparent that not only Mr. Eddie Nyaley, Nat Dawonde and others that are in league to inflict the Kenyan model on Sierra Leoneans, but some members of the party at home. Among them is the party’s Secretary General, a lawyer by profession who, since his graduation from a Law School in London has never won a legal suit both at home and where he studied law. Lawyer Sulaiman Banja Tejansie has been a disgrace to his colleagues, who over the years has been expecting much from him in terms of political and social maturity, since he has failed them in the area of legal practice.

His quest for political power after he was disgraceful kicked out from the NPRC regime as Secretary of State, Sports when it was discovered that he had embezzled money that should have been used to promote  Sports in the country, Lawyer Sulaiman Banja Tejansie has since been fighting tooth and nail to be part of a democratically elected government. His luck in the Kabbah-led SLPP government did not pay him any dividend until when recently he was elected Secretary General of the party. He has been reportedly making extreme and undemocratic move to thwart the democratic process in the country. In this edition, Lawyer Suliaman Banja Tejansie’s emails sent to some members of his party is explicit.(Please read below. Published verbatim)   


“—–Original Message—–
From: Edie Nyaley <nyaleye@YAHOO.COM>
Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2012 17:19:04
Subject: Re: Why SLPP lost to APC in Kono

Nat, this is commissioner Edie Nyaley. I am trying to reach Maada, John and others. Please send me your cell number. Text it or flash me on 267-584 -3630 and I will call to talk to you. I personally, I do not want Maada to concede. With all the electoral anomalies it is enough justification to indicate that the electoral commission is working in concert with the perpetrators of the frauds taking place.
I have in the past said that the party should be gearing up itself for the worst which is APC’s best. The Kenyan model is a good one to emulate. Please flash me and I will call right back.
Edie Nyaley
From: Nat <dawonde@GMAIL.COM>
Sent: Sunday, November 18, 2012 10:47 AM
Subject: Why SLPP lost to APC in Kono

First of all I will like to congratulate my opponent Dr. Dabundeh on his win as the next MP from Kono, constituency 20. Going to the polls, we were very confident that we would win but the magic of money in elections turned the tides against us.   What happened to our party in Kono could have been avoided if the folks at the EMC and the strategic planning committees treated Kono as a swing district and a primary target by H E the VP and the First Lady that she is.
We will have plenty time to do critical analysis on the elections results but remember, if we must go into a runoff; Kono must be the party’s “golden egg”.
As it stands, we are poised to win the district council and 3 to 4 parliamentary seats.
I will like to thank all my friends that believed in our course and gave their unconditional support. We lost an election but we have not lost a dream. God bless.
Nat Dawonde

Sent from my Samsung smart phone on AT&T


FROM: Patrick Robin
SENT: Monday, 19 November 2012, 23:57

Right on point with that. We need to act now.

From: Dr. Moiwo Juana Paul <jupamo2001@YAHOO.COM>
Sent: Monday, November 19, 2012 3:39 PM
Subject: Re: Press Release and a Dossier of Elections Malpractices in Sierra Leone

It’s no more time to be shy of this thing about using violent means to achieve our goals. We must now be circulating violent strategies and get the people make up their minds for such. If for any reason we do not use it and we are still able to get our victory, then fine for all!

Dr. Moiwo J. Paul (Hydrologist)
Institute of Geographical Sciences & Natural Resources Research (IGSNR), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), 11 Datun Road, Beijing, P. R. China. Tel: +86-15210427088.

From: Margai Marcus Margai <secretworld_2009@HOTMAIL.COM>
Sent: Tuesday, November 20, 2012 1:59 AM
Subject: Re: Press Release and a Dossier of Elections Malpractices in Sierra Leone

My concern is, we have complain a lot, who are we complaining to? NEC and the security officials have all connived with APC to disenfranchise our people, rigged the elections and forced us into becoming mere spectators and voiceless class of complainers in our own country. We have failed to act like a true and natural citizens of Sierra Leone, we are acting like mere strangers or second class citizens of Sierra Leone. We are not acting out of fear, but we are sending miss signals to the people of Sierra Leone and the criminal APC party. I am not advocating for violence here, but if that’s the only message APC can understand, then why can’t we man up in defense of our natural and constitutional rights?. If we lost this legitimate battle so worth fighting for, APC will turn Sierra Leone into another one party state and they will be in power for half a century, until another revolution comes into play. Take Ivory Coast case as an example, if they had relied only on diplomatic re solution and mere complaints, the opposition would have lost that battle. That been said, I am so disappointed in the Sierra Leonean people,( the suffering masses, people that we have been fighting for, people that we have sacrificed for, people that we thought deserved a better life, people whose children are on street corners fighting each other for dirty edibles, the non school goers). This elections teaches us a lesson and maybe unearthed the principal reason why Sierra Leone continues to be amongst the least underdeveloped country in the world. Tribalism, shortsightedness and immediate cheap benefits have taken the center stage. We have a long way to go.

Marcus Margai

Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2012 08:22:14 -0800
From: stejansie@YAHOO.COM
Subject: Re: Press Release and a Dossier of Elections Malpractices in Sierra Leone

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please find attached above our Party’s latest Press Statement on elections malpractices in the just concluded national elections in Sierra Leone, for your information and wider dissemination.

Thanks for your usual cooperation and understanding.

Warm regards.

Sulaiman Banja Tejan-Sie
National Secretary-General

From: Lansana Keifala <lansana.keifala@SKY.COM
Date: 19 November 2012 23:53:43 GMT
Subject: SLPP to celebrate in Bo tomorrow

Dear Members
I have just received info from our Publicity Secretary, Sheku Lexmond Koroma, backed by Chairman Batilo that JOB has instructed all MPs, Councillors and other elected persons to converge tomorrow at Party office Bo to start celebrating SLPP victory as ahead of any announcements from CT’s NEC. This will send a strong message to APC that this is BIO’s SLPP and not Berewa’s SLPP.
In Freetown alone it is alleged that over 1 million people voted out of just over 600 registered voters.

CT has only 2 options:

go according to her own code of conduct, ratified by parliament and cancel all over-voting as she did in 2007

Or 2. go against her own code of conduct and call the result – ignoring all SLPP’s dossier of evidence.

I am very confident that this time, she will call it for us.

Romours have been rife in Freetown that an arrest warrant has been issued for Maada, and our SLPP diaspora contigent.

I will keep you posted when any info becomes available.

Have a good night

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