In a very angry and disappointed mood which could be detected from his reaction to the published SLPP Cabinet list that never came to reality by this medium on Monday this week the Assistant Inspector General of Police (Crime) Mr. Morie Lengor has let out bullets on the paper’s Executive Editor as a way to fight back, clean his image and to distance himself from the list of appointees to which his name was mentioned as the next Inspector General of Police if the SLPP had won the Presidential election.

Without taking a deep breathe prior to engaging his pen, Mr. Lengor claimed that he was not privy to the information or had anyone discussed such appointment with him either privately or in the presence of a third party. He may be right by his own disclosure, but if the SLPP had won the election and appointed him as the Inspector General of police he would not write a disclaimer or refused to accept the position and all he would have been receiving by now are congratulatory messages from friends, colleagues and relatives.

Because the dream remains an ordinary nightmare he now feels disturbed and has directed his unhappiness to the publisher of the Standard Times Newspaper for publishing the list, which was done in the public interest and to inform those who should have been appointed to the various Ministries, Departments and Commissions that they were the would-be appointees of the SLPP to serve in various capacities. “I would also want to make it known publicly, and I challenge anyone to prove otherwise, that I do belong to, nor do I support directly or indirectly any political party including the SLPP in line with our corporate policy to remain apolitical” This is very true, being conscious of the organization Mr. Morie Lengor finds himself it would not be in his interest to publicize or showcase the political party he belongs, but can keep it close to his chest. It is only the ballot box that would tell which party and candidate he voted for. Unfortunately the ballox box cannot speak so the challenge is meaningless to countenance.

That beside the appointment of Inspector General is solely the prerogative of the President. In another expression is a political decision that cannot be question by another group, individual or persons. Assuming that the SLPP had won and Morie Lengor appointed Inspector General of Police, would he decline it because he is not a party supporter or supporting either the APC or the SLPP? Is response to this question would be an interesting reading for his colleagues and the general public.

“I wonder whether you took any reasonable measure to verify the accuracy and authenticity of the source of the document you had published which, on my part, I consider as seditious and mischievous intended to expose me to contempt, ridicule or bring my hard earned reputation into disrepute” He wrote.

One begins to imagine whether Mr. Morie Lengor actually knows what constitutes sedition and what should be considered mischievous. He joined the Sierra Leone Police as a constable and today he is an Assistant Inspector General of Police(AIG), meaning that growth in promotion is taking place and not static. If he is promoted to Inspector General of Police, which all serving officers are yearning for is that seditious or mischievous? Why after completing his Bachelor Degree (BA) he went back to college for an LLB is it not for him to continue gaining height among his peers? If promoting him to the highest rank in the Sierra Leone Police by a party that contested in a general election to take control of the governance of the state, though did not materialize that he called seditious and mischievous, one would require the intervention of Dr. Nahim to check AIG Lengor’s mental status. The question of accuracy and authenticity of the source of the document does not in any way important as the source cannot be identified nor can it be shared with him. The credibility of the source cannot be challenge or exposed as the profession to demands source confidentiality and not source disclosure to a senior Police Officer who is annoyed that the dream of a political party did not come to fruition.

“I am a seasoned, professional career police officer with a National Award for meritorious and diligent service conferred on me last year by His Excellency the President, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma for which I remain to be very grateful and loyal to him, to the police leadership, and to the people of Sierra Leone whom I serve, not a fawning bootlicking sycophant” He added

It is not known when AIG Lengor comes to realize that he should be loyal to the President, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma? Is it before or after receiving the National Award and does that mean if Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma had not won the Presidential election, because of his loyalty to him he would have rejected the position of Inspector General of Police when offered to him by the SLPP? One notices his predicament, that why he talks like a five-year-old Kindergarten who could hardly rationalize, not knowing that he was writing to someone like himself he has the knack to analyze issues and make deductions. However, what AIG Lengor is saying is a direct contrast of what he should have done if the political table had turned the other way round.

“Let me take this opportunity to once more heartily congratulate His Excellency The President and The Honourable Vice President on their re-election and pray that God will guide, direct and protect them to justly lead our beloved country, Sierra Leone “He added. Candidly, the primary reason for this congratulatory message is because there is no alternative. The world and those individuals that can move it forward have declared the elections in Sierra Leone as peaceful, credible and transparent with no run-off expected until the five-year term of the APC Government expired. Therefore, everyone including AIG Lengor has nothing to do, but to extend congratulatory messages to the newly re-elected President.

“I sincerely trust that, as professional as you claim to be, you will publish this letter with equal prominence that you gave the publication I am complaining

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