Patriotic journalism

February 8, 2013 Off By STANDARD TIMESPRESS

Dear Phil,

Thank you very much for the journalistic excellence and objective

perspective you  bring to this “Ministry of Health and Sanitation Voucher gate”.

I don’t sense such patriotic journalism in the other internet publications that I

sometimes read from Sierra Leone. This shows that some journalists are in

favour of the “status quo” of  financial mismanagement and embezzlement in the


Frankly, the greatest human capital our country can use to accomplish the President’s

Prosperity Program is a healthy population. Mind you a “healthy body does an

excellent work”. So those ten top health officials are not in unison with the

President’s aspirations to improve the health standards of the people.

It is a shame that the educated elite in our society are the ones who’s “hands are

always caught in the cookie jar”. Thanks again and continue the good work.



Mr Kalawa


Bee’s response:

Thanks Mr. Kalawa, we shall continue to the good work for the people of Sierra Leone. Hope you are doing fine in the United States of America