The Ecobank is a Pan-African financial institution that is making tremendous impact in the banking industry in Sub-Sahara Africa. The impact of this financial institution has become a house hold name and no doubt, it is making serious strides to maintain the lead position in the race as the financial institution with best services championed by competent staff. Customers are not only in love with the name, but are  very conscious of the  undeniable fact that it is their bank and are obliged to patronize it wherever it is located in the regions. The objective of Ecobank in the regions is not only to make money and maximize profit, but how it can make banking simply and easy for its numerous Customers. This includes online and home banking among the many facilities on the list. Products of the Pan-African Bank are mostly unique and widely appreciated by its numerous Customers.


Sadly, despite all these promotions and efforts to take the lead position and remained at the top, among the list of competitors, Ecobank in Sierra Leone is struggling with space and accommodation to contain its Freetown-based, specifically central customers.

With a tight and provocative bank hall for business, Customers are seen everyday packed like sardines ready to be exported to an unknown destination. Whether, Ecobank-Sierra Leone is unable to rent a facility with maximum space that would enable its Customers to move freely from one end of the bank without coming into body contact with other Customers remains absurd and incredible to the public or content with its current space predicament that Customers are finding very  inconvenient to appreciate, can best be explained by both Members of the Board and Management  of the Bank. On the contrary, its competitors can boast of appreciable and large bank halls with enviable sitting accommodation and attractive sceneries.

The clientele base of Ecobank-Sierra Leone triples other competing financial institutions in the country, not to talk about its current assets that sources at the Central Bank say is valued over USD$100 Million. Unfortunately, while it has a very large clientele base and valuable assets, its hall for banking transaction at the main headquarter that is housing the Managing Director and other key members of staff, its size and length, maybe an inch different to that of the hole of a rat. A free banking hall for transaction and movement of Customers has tremendous benefits to both the Customers and the establishment. It promotes good hygiene and eradicates fear among bank workers and their Customers. It gives confidence and allows freedom of movement within customers. The opposite of these benefits is typical of what currently obtains at the Ecobank that have become an unpleasant alternative to many Customers of the Bank.

The level of competence, customer service relationship, promptness, timing, honesty and decency of the building, though small and tight that accommodates Staff and Customers are a clear indication of professionalism and knowledge about the job. The list will be complete for a conclusive assessment when Management and Members of the Board come to realize the reality of the situation. It is hoped that, this won’t be long as time waits for no man and its significance is short-lived. A Customer who expressed concern about the situation that relates to space has this to say “Why is Ecobank micro-managing space as if it is one of those financial institutions practicing the art of banking?” She wanted to know, but of course she was expressing her feeling to the wrong person, a Customer who cannot give an answer. A teller in one of the local banks who was privilege to the discussion opined that the issue of space at the Ecobank is a subject mostly discussed by some executives in other banks, but have refused to share their concerns with either Management or Members of the Board as they feel it is a decision that should have been addressed long ago, and not their business to voice it out to them. “This will drive Customers away to other institutions and be a benefit to them” They remarked. Notwithstanding, Customers continue to storm the Ecobank because of its commendable service(Read more next edition)

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