Boys Cry Movie shown at Brooklyn Center High School in Minnesota

The End Time harvest Production has successfully completed a masterpiece movie Titled “Boys Cry” This movie illuminates the rising trend of bullying in USA with a goal to generate a renewed focus on this quagmire plaguing American schools and residential neighborhoods. Bullying is an excessive aggressive behavior towards a child or adult with the main purpose of lowering or eviscerating the victims self esteem. The current statistics on bullying in the United Sates is staggering, one out of four teens are bullied. This is terrifying and heart breaking and as society we have a moral responsibility to address this unforgettable reality. The effect of bullying is felt not only by the victims, but their families and the communities at large.

Boy’s Cry is a true life based fiction film that details the tale of an African raised teenager whose life takes an incredible turn for the worst when his peers target him for his differences in culture and ultimately force him to engage in acts that without influence, he would never commit. This movie was shown for the first time to the public at the Brooklyn Center High School in Minnesota on August 25th 2013.

Here is a link to a local news channel coverage  last week.

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