Sierra Leoneans, who may be thinking of committing criminal offences of any kind and escape the porous border of the Country, should stop thinking about that and concentrate on what should be done to push the country to another level.

Elizabeth King, an employee of the National Revenue Authority (NRA) who dodged, dived and escaped Police and ACC arrest is now in a state of regret as she has finally landed where she thought was not safe for her.

She escaped arrest when a combined team of ACC/Police Officials stormed her Juba residence to generate evidence and interrogate her in relation to the Ecobank/NRA fraud allegedly committed by Mr. Katta, Mrs. Katta and others. She was marked as a significant and relevant party to the alleged crime, but hearing that the joint team was on its way to her residence she took to her heels and left the country for where she called a safe heaven.

Her conviction led her to The Gambia-Banjul, where she had settled down briefly thinking of her next option.

Partially safe and with plans to further her journey to the next level, which many people believed could either be the Great Britain or the United States of America, Elizabeth King never realized that while she was preparing for another level of her journey, the ACC/Police were also putting in place mechanisms to frustrate and forestall her plans and get her to respond to allegation of fraud and economic crime that she and others were being investigated.

Agencies like the International Police (Interpol), Ecowas and many other interested organizations that the ACC/Police have been collaborating with in pursuit of similar agenda were contacted and complete description of her giving to them without her knowledge.

She had considered herself safe in another jurisdiction and no more interested in her job or how the trial of her colleagues is being progressing.

It was one morning in The Gambia-Banjul when she received the shock of her life as Officials from different agencies stormed her hiding place and was identified by a member of the Sierra Leone Anti Corruption Commission (ACC), as the fugitive that is badly wanted by the Law Enforcement Agencies in Sierra Leone, which is a combination of the Anti Corruption Commission and the Sierra Leone Police.

Prior to this time, the joint team had caused the publication on both the electronic and print media of Elizabeth King for several weeks giving clue of her person to the general public.

Notwithstanding the efforts of the team, she refused to surrender to the  Police and took undue advantage of the country’s porous border and escaped to The Gambia-Banjul using Guinea as her take-off platform.

It was few days back when Elizabeth King enjoyed a free flight from The Gambia-Banjul to the Lungi International Airport in Freetown-Sierra Leone at the expense of the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC). This courtesy was provided to her, because of her relevance in a matter that the ACC/Police are determined to put an end. She is now in the custody of the Commission and expected to make her appearance at the office today. Sources close to the investigation have explain that she is not going to be asked why she escaped or where was  her next journey going to take her, but her alleged involvement in the crime that her colleagues are responding to at the High Court.

What is however very clear to the investigators in the matter is the indisputable fact that she is a flight risk, therefore every effort and mechanism had already put in place to prevent another escape.

A fresh trial will have to be conducted for her. This is because the matter that involved her colleagues in the High Court have gone too far, which has made it difficult for her to be part of them. However, she would have to face her own trial, which would either commence at the Magistrate Court or goes directly to the High Court


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