December 2, 2013 0 By STANDARD TIMESPRESS

By: Winstanley R Bankole Johnson

Sunday 9th November was a day of infamy in the Mountainous environs of Gloucester village,  as the peaceful and ambient serenity usually accompanying the reverence of Christian worship were rudely disturbed by a “munku” (idiotic) fakery and charlatan going by the names of “Dr.” Sulaiman Kabbah.

Claiming like Saul of Tarsus to have obtained “letters patents” from the President to exorcise, exhume and destroy all items and evidences of witchcraft or sorcery in Freetown – visible and invincible – this “munku” charlatan stormed the entire mountain village environs with truckloads of armed OSD and Military personnel – obviously funded at tax payers’ expense – in a manner similar only to such as can be invoked under MAC-P by a Constitutionally elected Head of State – and proceeded to disturb societal peace and good order.


On arrival at Gloucester, they proceeded to uproot tree trunks and causing such disorderly scenes, rudely disturbing ongoing Church worship and in instances of naked intimidation by sorcery, entered the private premises of peaceful and law abiding citizens, all in the name of destroying witchcraft. In summation never before in the history of the Gloucester village environs has such a brazen and practical evidence of lawlessness, barbarism, heathenism and dependence on sorcery been so publicly supported by state security machinery.


Bogus claims

Knowing the President as I believe I do, claims by the “munku Dr.” to have obtained a Presidential Warrant for his exploits are bogus and nothing could be further from the truth. That is all the more reason why the Ministry of Internal Affairs and or Local Government must immediately come out with an appropriate statement distancing this government from such crude, archaic, satanic and backward antics, to avoid an erosion of confidence in this God-fearing government, by the persistently loyal and peaceful citizens in the mountain villages insofar as safety and security of their lives and properties are concerned.


“Dr.” Sulaiman Kabbah as many would recall, came into notoriety a few years ago (from God only knows where), claiming to have supernatural powers against the forces of darkness.  In a rather bizarre paradox of ungodliness, he was “ordained” and handed his “staff of office” at the National Stadium on the same Presidential pavilion where barely a week earlier a godly lady by the name of Sister Veronica Wisdom Koroma had consecrated the closure of an unusually long period of national fasting.  From that day, this “munku Dr.” Kabbah has been abusing his relationship with President Koroma. He struts the length and breadth of the City with armed escorts – unjustifiably at tax payers’ expense even though no evidence exists he has ever paid taxes – entering into private properties, police stations and all Western Urban hospitals claiming to be searching for demons and items of witchcrafts as have been empowered by the President and obstructing pedestrian and vehicular traffic in the process.


What this “munku Dr.” is priding himself in is sorcery. Pure and simple! That in itself is an offence under the law. My researches within the judicature of Sierra Leone yielded no fruit. But in the universality of definitions, sorcery is any act (including a traditional ceremony or ritual) that is intended to bring or purports to be able to, or adapted to bring powers of sorcery into action, or to make them possible or carry them into effect. It is forbidden act – unless innocently done – because it could lead to harmful effects, inducing fear, intimidation or injury to mind, body and or property, such as was brazenly exhibited by “Dr.” Kabba and his ilk on that fateful Sunday at Gloucester.

 Land grabbing / attack dog

But beneath the veneer of his anti-demonic antics is an underlying land-grabbing intent to intimidate and hypnotize poor villagers (especially Krio lands) into vacating their bona-fide lands. The ploy is to first claim that specific but choice locations are “possessed” and must be given up for cleansing. Chunks of juju items obviously buried by themselves on arrival at various sites will then be publicly displayed to convince onlookers (sometimes on SLBC TV) of the need to perpetually sequester such lands for thorough cleansing. The game plan: intimidate them as frequently as possible with charms, “sebehs” and sorcery over a period of time and their lands will be ours. He tried that but reached his “waterloo” at Waterloo recently, where he was beaten to a pulp.  With all his charms, the “munku” Dr could not save himself, but had to complain to the Police.

By the way and manner in which prominent and strikingly wealthy business tycoons have been influencing the signings of defective survey plans at the Lands Ministry for choice private properties owned by a dwindling mountain village population (I have abundant proof of that), I will not write off their hands behind a tacit support for this “munku” Dr.” Kabbah as their attack dog.  They know the Courts are slow and that by the time their cases are concluded the original owners would have died. Timid survivours would then attribute such deaths to the efficacy of “munku Dr” Kabbah’s charms and preferring instead to abandon their properties rather than face similar calamities.

Citizens have the constitutional and legal rights to reasonably defend their properties against trespassers, including overt sorcerers – “sebeh” or no “sebeh”, and I hope this “munku Dr.” knows that too. If he were so powerful he would not have had cemeteries in his village of origin in the first place.


For a country that constitutionally prides itself as very religious and in an age of rocket, advance medical sciences and industrial growth, I think this is pushing heathenism, barbarism and backwardness in the 21st century too far. And the world is watching us slide back purely because of a lack of direction or alternatives.

Our religious leaders must rise up and speak against this proliferation of sorcery and demonism – particularly in our capital city. There is hardly a major street now that juju charms are not on daily display like touristic mementos and for as low as Le5,000 (Five thousand Leones apiece). Unlike previously, we now have too many Bishops, Imams, Superintendents, Sheiks, Apostles, Naibs, Saints, Caliphs, Confessors and Evangelists and Muezzins for this ancient and Godly City to be so easily and quickly engulfed by the forces of darkness, such as has been continuously exhibited by this “munku” Dr. Sulaiman Kabbah. Rise up o leaders of our faiths from your deep barbiturates-influenced slumber!! The flock is confused!!!

 As not all citizens are Christians, it will be wrong to consider Sunday as the only Holy day in this secular country. Other believers have their own Holy Days too. The fact remains however that not all non-Christians believe in the antics of this “munku  Dr” and I believe they also have a right to their own convictions. So I will not advocate for a discontinuance of non-Christian practices on a Sunday. Rather I will caution that in the observance and practice of his satanic values, the government has a duty to ensure that “Dr.” Kabbah does not encroach on the privacy and rights of others. Ideally as with Local Tribal Authorities, let him restrict his exploits to his own peoples. And the commonsensical way to do that is for the Ministry of Internal Affairs to come out with an appropriate public notice that will henceforth rein him under control.

We cannot serve God and Mammon!