Violent Youths chase out suspected same sex group and one reported dead

By Our Human Rights Reporter

It is a life threatening issue here in Sierra Leone to engage in activities that either support gay or lesbian issues or practice it in the society. Some gay and lesbian supporters who hold the notion that Sierra Leone is a country where they can exercise their right in supporting western interests of gay are obviously doing the wrong thing in this country. To many communities, it is a taboo and if you wants to engage in this you must do it secretively or face the wrath of the society.

This medium has been investigating and reporting many cases of assaults and sometimes mob justice towards people who are suspected lesbian or gay activists.  Ibrahim Sulaiman Kargbo was the latest victim. He was lured into this sinister activity by his one of his cousins, Alimamy Mansaray who also happens to be the head of a group of Gay activities in the Devil Hole Community in the Eastern part of the Capital city. Because this practice condemned by all spheres of government, Ibrahim were mobbed in their Community and in the process of defending themselves, they stabbed one of the assailants to death and ran away before they could be chased out by either the Police or the vigilante youths.


Ibrahim and his cousin have been in this practice for years without hindrance and hiccups and because they have been leaving peacefully, this might have infuriated the so-called anti gay people and decides to chase them out. This mob attack was orchestrated when Ibrahim and some of their compatriots were at what could be referred to as a small usual gay and lesbian Party within the community on the 20th March this year (2013) when some youths stormed into the party vicinity and began to throw stones, sticks and bottles. Immediately after Ibrahim and his pair retaliated heavily to one of the youths, a Community Member, Pa Sogbeh told Standard Times that “they ran away and had been looking out for them but could not be found”.

Pa. Sogbeh and his Community members who seem to be part of a mob group promised to teach these guys lessons they will never forget as they believe they have practiced a taboo that is forbidden in their Community. He said the reason for this according to him is to prevent any foreign culture to be brought or made public to the community in Sierra Leone. Although there is no law that criminalizes gay or lesbian activities in the country, it is presently not being done public here. Sierra Leone is presently at the international level being lobbied to decriminalize any activities that forbid gay or lesbian practice.

Ibrahim’s family are believed to be supporters anti gay mobs in the community. For now, it is not clear if they could help in searching for their loved son.

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